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try to find all the old tibsun websites and post em here.

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Great topic! Here are some of the ones I can remember...


This one is an old one. For those of you long enough to have played back in the FS days (back when I was good :P), you may remember my old pal Pinball2k. He ran a number of different forums and websites TS-related and CS-related over the years that me and others from the TS community joined. Check out this one from 2003, and see if you can spot a few familiar posters. There's even an appearance from TRZ! (He likes to pretend he wasn't about back then, but some of us know the truth! After a further 12+ solid years of TS gaming to his name, he can at least now claim he's a good player, though given that none of the original pros play any more, he's king of an increasingly small pond :P)



So I didn't know about this one: apparently pinball hosted a mini-site for the clan n1ke. Old players will remember that this was perhaps one of the n00best clans on FS back in the day, but had so many members it spawned sub clans n2ke, and n3ke. If Sadoo still plays he will remember n1ke :-)



CnCWarzone ~2006. Alas Warzone Trooper (WT) was a confirmed cheater :( Turned out he even hosted a cheat site in his time.



CnCWarzone forum ~2008. The forum existed for many years but there are only so many snapshots I could find on the internet way back machine. Here's a snapshot from ~2008, with some familiar names inc me, Seb, Frzflame



Gamerwarzone ~2008. For some reason the site's owner Petter Ruud decided that a change from 'CnC' to 'gamer' was a good idea to expand the audience. Great in theory, but not so in practice, when you consider he was AWOL pretty much 95% of the time! Anyway, this screenshot here is from around the time two of TS's finest ever admins (finecigar and myself!) took charge. See posts there from Larry, spooky and Rek


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It started on FS as n1ke, and then when they had more than their 20 members, they made n2ke and n3ke. When FS started to die off, most of the n1ke players left so it was only really the n2ke players like Sadoo who came over to TS. Hence when you first came into contact with them, you probably only ever encountered n2ke.


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18 hours ago, Baz said:

I bet I have an old back up somewhere of cncgamer. Invision Forums lol

if so please post it, i'd like to see some old cncgamer content

lol @ the champ-site FU message still being up after all this time. 

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Oi Oi Imp! Unfortunately not mate! Not played since that time in 2002 you, Joé aka Womblepoo, BasicArts and Hodg45 (Hoddrick) beat me, MrWomble, Zyclops (Megaowner) and Sunny in 4v4 FF. I broke my CDs after that game as I was so annoyed! Can't believe that was 17 years ago, still have nightmares about it! How's you anyway Imp? Are you still banned from TS lobby?


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Thank you for this. I can't remember the all the stuff near 20 years ago. https://web.archive.org/web/20040415011935/http://www.apaxteam.net/news.php

This is the OG x210 Yes I have made several trainers and relays. I did get my best trainer for Donutman.  Relays as we called them back in the day I got help from Adam. I once was exposed on one of my relays that had admin features. I wish I still had the source code to them all. I made other things like serial number generator versifier where you can have a text of tons of serial numbers and the bots will ID if they are valid or banned. Another was the brute force cracker for accounts. Non of thos where really release to the public. I had a project I almost released was Child mode. Which took the game from full screen mode to windowed mode and there was a over lay to select what cheat you wanted. I have got it working at a alpha level but failed I cant remember.  I had one last project you many have heard of but never seen want the GOD relay. That program was the smartest then I done. The god relay had everything you need! but even if you downloaded it, it required a key that was encrypted and generated from your personal hardware. Being 20 years later and I no longer have the source code any one what has it I am sorry.

- x210 Now know as pwnjuice



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