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Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings

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hello commanders, I am very happy to report that Caceres won the chellenge with me and Asmod from spectators.

Please see the records and add his medal as deserved.

Thank you.

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5 minutes ago, steeLbeed said:

U still giving out medals? I’d like to b in the cool club =P

Not giving out necessarily, but I can award you one!

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sorry I was not aware all the medal reporting goes through this thread. I have made a thread earlier at following link.


The thread is to report that ORA-blitz has completed gold medal challenge. I myself (ORA-whip) & cousinvinny spectated him in a 2 single games.

Thus, to admins/moderator of CnCNet 5, please show ORA-blitz his medal as soon as you can.


If you need anything else please let me (ORA-whip) & cousinvinny know in the CnCNet 5 lobby.



Best Regards

whiplash aka ORA-whip

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