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Gold Medal Challenge - Medal Reportings


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Dear RA-Community


Since the last weeks we have experienced that FunkyFr3sh is mostly offline in the game lobby and other admins are not able to report/add any medals, I have decided, to start here a new topic for reporting new achieved medals.


I would also suggest that FunkyFr3sh gives to at least one trusted and active admin fully access to add medals, to avoid such cases in the future.


And now I gladly announce that C|own aka C|lausewitz has finally finished twice the GMC, once in front of me (C|ommander) and once in front of C|Beast on June 20, and he is patiently waiting for his medal. :)


For further questions please contact us in the game lobby.


Thanks in advance,




Before posting in here please make sure you were reading the rules: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3673-cncnet-gold-medal-challenge-reset-red-alert-1/



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Hi Funky!


Thanks a lot for the quick response. Seems you are here more reachable than in the game lobby, nice. :)

Of course we all know, you are really busy these days. So each simplification we can do for you is welcome.


Yes, C|lausewitz has already created an account on GameSurge. His nickname there should be "clausewitz".


Thanks again for your efforts and contributions to the Community.




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HI commanders.


Im very happy to be here to report that players


UFF-GTR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU0WVB5Ugzc&feature=youtu.be


UFF-Ak47- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXRKpX4OdC0&feature=youtu.be



They passed the gold medal chalenge with UFF-Fury and Me by spec.


See the videos and logs, and please as soon as possible update medals.




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Hey guys,


This is a shout out to all who helped me get the medal. The community is full of friendly helpful players, and literally every player I asked had the time to spectate my challenge and give advice.


First and foremost to Oldrog for his patience with my many fails!  Also Conquer who luckily watched me pass a lot sooner, but also had a lot of patience. And Hvrats for giving me lots of practice with a spectator. It's surprisingly more difficult with someone watching!


Thanks also to the following players for advice and spectating:









And finally, thanks to all those who have uploaded GMC videos to youtube!






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Hey guys I just wanted to note, if people are reporting in GMC successes, they should also provide evidence. I can see some

People have been doing this, which is great! It's a shame we don't have permenant mods online to manage stuff like this. I'm sure their are a few people willing to do it. Cheers

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It's a shame we don't have permenant mods online to manage stuff like this.


I'm online quite a bit. I can and have spectated players who have completed the GMC. I'm more than willing to spectate anyone who wants to complete it, feel free to ask if I'm online.

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Good Morning

Besides the spectators medalists, funkfresh and the administrators have access to the records that can verify if the players actually completed or not the challenge, so I think we are on the right track the only thing that could in my opniao is to identify and to differentiate the level of PROS by the Determined medal icon because we have many PROS and super pros with the same medal. Funkfresh could create a different and more difficult map and give these one icone of better differentiating a higher level.


Thank you and peace to all.

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