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Alternative ladder (clan) ?


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Has there been any thought into have a very simplistic, scaled down ladder?


1 ladder that encompasses clanning and perhaps individual where it does not interface with the cncnet client, but rather is just website based where the games get played and recorded?

I believe (a LONG time ago) there was this type of ladder on chat-stars forum when ra2 wol ladder was useless.

I'm not sure how that'd work, but it would seem to be drastically more simple to code then a fully interfaced, multiple ladder design that CNCNet seems to be trying to do.



The way it would work is:

people register their name on the website ladder. People play games under a certain option on cncnet. The game stats get sent to the website and updated. done.


I'm not sure how difficult this is, but I wanted to throw the idea out there.

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