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Instant disconnection / connection interrupted



I log in to the lobby no problem, join a game, loading screen, the loading screen sometimes freezes for a while especially after my own loading is finished.

the game starts and one of 2 things happen; either I get an instant victory with everyone defeated message, or I get the "connection interrupted" screen and time out.

- I'm on Windows 7, tried on Windows 10 as well, same result, exe are run as administrator.

- I have no antivirus, firewall is off, and even if on the client is in exceptions anyway so it's allowed.

- I tried every "Re-" in the book; restarting, reinstalling, nothing works.

- Client is latest version.

- No error log created after the incidents.

- Same issue whether I create or join a game, with any number of players on any map.

- Skirmish works flawlessly, and online game with ai also works flawlessly, the issue is only with other players.

- There was a topic before about the problem in Egypt, but the fix suggested was about WLAN protection, and I'm using cable.

- Other suggestions included changing nickname, changing rendering options, nothing works.

-2 days ago, it worked, and I played a couple of games, then yesterday the issue returned without me making any changes to anything whatsoever.

- I'm attaching the client log, don't know if it's of any use but in the lobby I was told to post error logs, which are nonexistent, so.....



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