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Red Alert 2 task manager process


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Hi i need to know this because i use controller companion and i want cc to know to switch the profile to my custom yuris revenge controller mappings. It doesnt do that beause i need to know the process that it runs so i can add it to the profile launcher within cc. Iv tried the majority of the .exe in the installation folder and no joy. Any help would be appreciated and sorry if this post is in the wrong location. Thankyou.

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For  pure Red Alert 2 (which is not supported on this server) it 's usually 'game.exe' and 'ra2.exe'. For  CnCNet's RA2-Mode or Yuri's Revenge it's 'clientdx.exe' for the game lobby and 'gamemd-spawn.exe' when in-game.

But unless you're doing something unusual, like changing shift + ctrl to just one key, you should be able to remap the keys in-game.

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Clientdx.exe was one of the only .exes that I didn't add to controller companion but did throw up an error and stopped the client from launching. Makes sense cause I only wanted CC to kick in ingame, but it's understandable that the client exe and the game exe go hand in hand and must both be added in order to work correctly. I am away for 3 days but I will test this and let u know if it sorts it when I'm back ;)

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16 hours ago, xFIELDYx said:

Hi fireworx same question but with zero hour please. I realise this is through gentool and c&c online but I need a quick answer if possible. Thanks.

A little late for the 'quick' answer now because I only just saw your question a couple of minutes ago :P, but the only thing that comes up in my task manager is the obvious one which is generals.exe, regardless of whether or not gentool is open. I'm using The First Decade version on Win 7.

If it doesn't work, just check it yourself (maybe your version uses a different exe file for some reason) by opening Zero Hour in *windowed mode with task manager also open. Click the 'Processes' tab then sort by 'CPU' in task manager so that whatever is currently running shows at the top of the list, then have both windows side by side and see what pops up.


*Right click Zero Hour short cut -> Properties -> Target -> add -win to the end of this line.

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