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Smudge, Cut, Copy, Paste and Moveable, options in XCC Editor disabled


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The 'Smudge' option in the sidebar of the XCC Editor is disabled (greyed-out). I have had all the 'Lock X layer' options unchecked;

I do not know if I am using the editor correctly, but 'Copy', 'Cut' and 'Paste' options have remained disabled throughout;

Same as the previous, the 'Moveable' option of overlay items are always greyed-out.

I am able to add smudges in CCMAP, but when I open the same map in the XCC editor, the smudges do not appear. I saved the map in XCC and re-opened it in CCMap to find that the smudges from before are also missing. 

Windows 7; CCMAP 3.0; XCC Editor from XCC Utilities 1.47

Edited by harkins2011
Discovered a few other disabled options whilst using the editor
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