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DT Client has stopped working in Yuri's Revenge



I just installed Yuri's revenge and my friend asking me to use cnc. Both of my friends can work normally in windows 7 and 10, and I always stopped working in windows 8

I tried to copy all files from my friend still have same error, then I tried to look the log files and there's a lot of missing filesimage.thumb.png.119ed43b03d9f1b6bf13d9a2c51aedae.png


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Take your time and try to do the following:

Run Command Prompt as Administrator and type "sfc /scannow" without quotation marks

From what I see, you have something that requires your attention in Windows Action Center, take a look there and see what is it

Try to install all Windows Updates, Windows 8 is no longer supported, you might be able to download and install Windows 8.1 from Windows Store, so make sure your Windows 8 is up to date then upgrade

When you're done with all this "maintenance", try to reinstall CnCNet YR because it couldn't find one of the .WAV files for buttons, for example, "MainMenu\button.wav", it might be missing

And finally, if you have problems doing what I wrote above, let me know ^^

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