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C&C RAED New tilesets and goodies?



Is there such a thing in the map editor for Red Alert as a straight bridge? I'm trying to make a mutiplayer map with a channel in the middle and three bridges running across, but the bridge tiles seem to only go in a diagonal Gallery For > Diagonal Line Images.

Also how do you make a civilian  town on multiplayer maps?

Or how about the railroad tracks I saw on a different forum?

I also found this pic. from:http://www.sleipnirstuff.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=15068&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15Bridges.png

Is there no such thing as a bridge that runs straight around or straight up and down?

If so where do I get it and how do I use it in the map editor?

General Idea:main.jpg.0d81edbb0313c22935f7c016fef8f7ae.jpg

Tiles that I have to choose from:

a.jpg.eeb888867e552599045f094448c60218.jpg   b.jpg.850b91dc2eda7d6385ea71f0bc3c584d.jpg   c.jpg.97bfe9d0382fec0c43f6bea282b850aa.jpg    ???



Some help and Advice Please.

Thank you,

                    NodreconBike / Noddynod443

(P.S. to Admin.-- I tried making a account with the username "noddynod443", but something got botched up (password or something). I entered the correct email for the account in the "forgot password" section. It says that it sent a password reset message to me, but I never get it (checked spam and tried many times). So I made the account "NodreconBike" with a different email because the account maker wouldn't let me make one with the first email or username. Is there anyway to fix the problem?)

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That picture and other stuff relating on that is from an open source game named "OpenRA". OpenRA has a straight bridge but i think Red Alert (Portable or any else) does not have such thing.


You can make civilian towns on multiplayer map by using RAED. Just put the civilian buildings on a map -> save and then just play! They should be there with no problems.


HOWEVER! Some versions of Red Alert Terrain Editor has a bug that erases any buildings if map file is opened on Terrain Editor. But i think PortableRA does not have such problem.

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