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Red Alert - Scrolling lag problem



I'm having problems with scrolling on C&CNet Red Alert 1.

This is not related to scrolling speed, as adjusting the scroll speed in the menu doesn't help

The scrolling generally feels like lagging, i.e. I move the mouse to the edge of the screen and it doesn't respond for like 1 second, and then the movement jerks a bit as if the computer is struggling to cope with the input, so I feel like I have to force the cursor more towards the edge of the screen.

I haven't played C&CNet in a long time, I have never had this problem before until now. Please help!

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11 hours ago, DEATHFISH said:

I have a computer bought in 2016.... no warnings about low FPS.

did you use a very high resolution or use screen recording software maybe? If your game is running too slow (you lag the game for all players) then it will change the settings and use the less intensive scroll. This is only happens if you lagged 20 games in a row though. The warning about the low FPS shows right before the game starts when you ready up.

Is it a new installation you are using to play or is it a older one?

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The scrolling lag was actually worse at a lower screen resolution. No screen recording software used.

I definitely experienced this even for my first game onwards. No low FPS warning.

I have used the same installation for a long while but I keep it updated.

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