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Red Alert 'Play Offline' doesn't start

Neddy Seagoon


I've just downloaded the full game onto a Windows 10 laptop and starting multiplayer and skirmish both seem to work fine but when I click play offline, the screen looks like it's changing resolution or something and goes black like it's loading but then the screen goes back to normal and nothing happens, with no error message.

There are a few things already on here that looked like similar problems but they all had error messages and, to be honest, I didn't really understand the answers; please help



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2 hours ago, Neddy Seagoon said:

Yeah, it does; I don't know, it's odd. I've just got the ultimate collection thing so maybe that'll be able to make something different, though I don't see why it should.




Well, you could try it. TUC is using a older version of the game (2.0), while we use the latest version (3.03) so maybe it works.


It's still odd that skirmish works fine, but for that we are using a very customized build of our own. There is no such build available for the campaign sadly

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