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*STARTED* CnCNet Tournament - C&C95 Double Elimination BEST OF 3


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CnCNet Tournament

C&C95 Double Elimination BEST OF 3

Welcome to the first CnCNet tournament ever! What this topic is about is really to get the tournament organized and ready for operation. We're are doing 1v1s. The tournament is going to be double elimination and it's exactly how it sounds. You lose once, then you get put into the losers' bracket and you have one chance to redeem yourself otherwise you're out of the tournament.


As for times and scheduling of matches. Both players will agree on a time in which their match must be played (mainly in the CnCNet IRC). If one player does not show after 20 minutes of scheduling, it will result in the player who did not show up to forfeit automatically. No excuses! If there is a problem of who you're matched with, tell a referee before the match happens. As for joining the tournament, the tournament is for fun, and it is free (of course).



  • No hateful or vulgar messages towards one another (as always)
  • There are no rules of engagement
  • No show after 20 minutes of a scheduled match will result in an automatic forfeit



  • godly-cheese



To make signing up easy, not only for myself but for also for you. Simply copy and paste the form below and post it in the a reply with the correct information of course.


C&C Name: (ingame name here, not your forum name)

Side: GDI/Nod

Skill Level (Biased): Beginner/Intermediate/Expert


C&C Name: godlycheese

Side: GDI

Skill Level: Boss


It's a very simple form, but it works.



  • FamishedAle
  • Abel
  • Badgebomb
  • Myg
  • Dude
  • dappygit
  • DEadman
  • Tore
  • Irony
  • FactorX
  • White
  • rAiGa
  • Pichorra
  • Solo
  • Devils

There are no more spots open! Sorry, try again next time!



Go here for the bracket!


As I mentioned already, if there is a problem of who you're matched with, tell a referee before the match starts.

Please meet in the CnCNet IRC for matches! All first round matches must be played by June 19th.

This post may change before the tournament starts so make sure to check by now and later but as of now if you register for this tournament, you agree to hereby follow the rules stated in this topic. Have fun and that's an order!

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C&C Name: White

Side: Nod

Skill Level (Biased): Intermediate+ (I've progress to be made, but I feel I'm better than the average bear)


What sort of times would the games be run at? remember that I'm in New Zealand, if the times are too crazy, I may have to pull out. I want to say this now as to not totally screw your tournament Cheese.


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One more person and we should be good to go. I will setup the bracket once we get the next person in. :)



I don't play online since March.

I'd like to know if we can have a check list of updates, patches, maps and these sort of things.

Or even a small game test prior to the tournament.

Just to avoid crashes since it's commonly not trackable. I'll be here later to play online for testing my C&C95, but maybe the others might wanna do the same.

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Obviously, you'll need Tiberian Dawn.


After that, you need to install the 1.06c r1 patch.


Then after that, you need the 1.06c r1 hotfix/netfix. You simply put the "C&C95.exe" into your C&C95 directory.


Then (my god, this is taking longer than I thought) you put the thipx32.dll into your C&C directory also and remember to forward port 8054 UDP to avoid issues with CnCNet.

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