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I want to replace the Crates image. What should I do?


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2 hours ago, CaiNiao said:



Open the ra2md.mix file and find the files like:

               crate.sno  822d84c0           0        1487
               crate.tem  9ec94e4c       20640        1475
              wcrate.urb  a7d704f1        1488        1829
              wcrate.des  a9ae9965        3328        1827
               crate.lun  b13df4af        5168        1474
              wcrate.lun  c08ea57c        6656        3810
               crate.urb  c811c773       10480        1474
              wcrate.tem  dff6809d       11968        1824
              wcrate.ubn  e363ba6e       13792        1823
               crate.des  03976ec7       15616        1475
              wcrate.sno  2e81d66a       17104        1825
               crate.ubn  4724ec6e       18944        1474


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