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Gold Medal Challenge - Tiberian Sun


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/map 6d16969bdac7accbeebc36364bc8157f59905675



You'll have to private message one of the approved  spectators in-game to attempt the challenge.

Approved Spectators: [CoCo]Humbl, SKYLEGEND, [n1]xme, [NME], Holland, [em0]Gh0st, Mox, Black, [SpyDER], Splash(Altin)  (contact to have name added to verified spectator list).



1. Settings:
Starting Cash: 10,000
Unit Count: 1
Color: Any
Faction: NOD or GDI (Must beat it with both)
AI on spot 2 (side and difficulty does not matter or affect map), player takes spot 1.  
Bases: On
Allies Allowed: Doesn't matter
Crates: Off
Harvester Truce: Off
Fog of War: Off
Bridges Destroyable: Doesn't matter
Firestorm Game: Off
Multiple Factory: Off
MCV Undeploy: Off
Build Off Ally: Doesn't matter
Attack Neutral Units: On
Short Game: On
Multi Engineer: On
Aimable Sams: Up to user

2. You must survive all wave attacks and have at least  a Teched War Factory or Mobile Construction Vehicle and at least one refinery and harvester left.

3. Any screen resolution is allowed.

4. You'll have to private message one of the approved spectators in-game if you want to attempt the challenge to have them verify your win (See names above).

5. No using EMP.  No trainers or cheats allowed (obviously).

6. The game must be played at game speed 7, and if the game is too laggy and cannot run at at least 52 FPS average, the game does not count.

7. You must beat the challenge with both NOD and GDI factions.

8. Only one player allowed to play, all other players must be on "Spectator" mode.

9. You can go to https://gamesurge.net/createaccount/ and register an account, and use the command in the game lobby.  This will link your account to multiple computers.


Hall of fame (beat Evil Ai):

Both factions: Skylegend, [CoCo]Humbl, [NME], Kipp, [SpyDER], Splash

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19 hours ago, zoom3000 said:

hey humble, how can i download the map? the hash code cant be copy paste fully. cncnet search box limits me for somthing like 20 characters.

I've edited his post to make it easier for copy/paste. You paste it right into the text entry box in the game lobby.


Screenshot from 2019-06-24 00-35-20.png

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On 10/5/2020 at 12:45 AM, Humble said:


When you are feuding with someone you are required to discredit and belittle everything they do and like.

Now that we touched butts I support and advocate for your projects.

Also, Black was my slave name.. I’m a new man.

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