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    Lol wow, welcome back teddy
  2. wow, great post mole (there's a second one for you to take a ss of lol). I totally forgot cncwarzone turned into gamerwarzone and I forgot about t1tanrush, he was one of the original annoying players lol
  3. Just some fun bits of TS history and community from ages passed. Found one of the older forums that we used when xwis was active, lots of entertaining and nostalgic reads there: http://xwis.net/forums/index.php?/forum/388-tiberian-sun-firestorm/ This was one of the earliest forums that European players used before xwis: http://www.united-forum.de/tiberian-sun-f87/ The others we used that I don't think are active anymore were: cncgamer (This was the primary forum after stefor shut down champ-site.) gamerwarzone (This was where we all migrated to after cncgamer shut down.) cncreloaded (If I remember correctly, this was the site that hosted the WUU server, which was used during one of the earlier times that xwis crashed, but people stopped using it because it was rumored that a player by the name of Revolt was hacking people who used it. This was when I was like 12, so I can't remember if this was true or not.) tibfields (I believe about half of the players began using tibfields while the other half of the community used gamerwarzone after cncgamer shut down.) champ-site (One of the earliest created by stefor. It kept getting hacked and he eventually got tired of it and decided to shut it down.) If any of the older players have any others that I'm missing, feel free to drop them in. I think dan3157 had some nuggets that he pulled from waybackmachine or something to find old pages.
  4. This will be my last time responding to you, whoever you are. Don't cherry pick statements out of my comments and twist them, as I clearly stated that 1 reffing is fair, it is just entirely gimmicky and for those wanting to actually improve, it won't allow someone to grow if they only utilize the skills that are necessary in very short games. And from your posts, it's clear that you aren't someone who has been playing to the point where they have a good understanding of how everything works.
  5. If people were willing to pay to develop a clan system/ladder, how much would be a fair price to either hire more developers or for the existing ones to begin/prioritize creating it, as well as what time frame? I'm sure there are a lot of people who would contribute if this information is made known.
  6. The only necessary skills to utilize in short games are micro, build speed, and scouting/antiscouting. Doing a 1 ref is, regardless of what the newer players commenting here will say, a gimmicky way to win or hope to win by throwing something unexpected at your opponent. If your opponent scouts you or accurately anticipates what you're doing, your econ will be behind and they'll easily defend it, then you're playing on the backfoot and vulnerable to them being able to steamroll you with their econ advantage now. Hoping your opponent doesn't expect a 1 ref, relies entirely on trickery, as opposed to actually knowing how to manage your economy, macro, defend/attack multiple areas at once, expand, control the tib fields, along with other strategies that can only be tested in games longer than 5 minutes that teach you to outplay people. And no, "no engs or build out" are not legitimate rules that "should be respected", they are imaginary rules to inhibit players from playing with every game option possible because the host isn't able to defend vs whatever tactic they're trying to forbid.
  7. I was directing my comment at anybody thinking that a grand fundamental change to the game at this stage in its life cycle, rather than making their own mod for others to try. I was suggesting ways that would definitely better the game/community that are all objectively good, rather than some ways that are based on opinion and would change the entire way this game is played. I also won't respond to trolls. If you were to ask me what unit modifications I personally would do, I would make the armor better for several nod units as well as make them more accurate, i would add in another structure in the place of gates or just delete them altogether, improve the light armor of wolverines and attack power, among several other things. However, this would only be done on a mod that i'd allow others to try, not change the core game itself.
  8. Aside from the fact that none of the people commenting who are proposing their opinions on unit modifications have fully grasped how to even use all of the units in the game yet to where they would have any credible insight on what should be changed, none of the developers are here. We should not be considering alterations to a game that's been set in stone for decades and would affect the small community entirely, unless of course, again, someone wants to make their own modded version. I never said that the game couldn't be better, I'd have my own ideas if I were ever given the means to do so, but it would be my own version that people could have the freedom to try, not something that's forced upon them and would affect every other player who might not like my alterations, which is the entire issue i had with what was done. Nobody has the right to do that if they didn't make the game themselves...... If people really want to make changes to ts that will improve it for everyone objectively, bug fixes, clans, ranked match promotion, maybe even a cncnet version of Sunbot, further promotion for the game, tournaments, TRAINING SESSIONS BY MORE THAN JUST ME, Q&A between new and pro players, better regulation of inflammatory speech on the forums/game (Iooking at other gaming forums, I see so much productive and thought-provoking discussion as opposed to the hate speech I see here), all could be implemented and have a more profound beneficial impact.
  9. it's fair, it's basically just a cheap way to attempt to win the game. I honestly wouldn't recommend doing it if you're trying to actually learn the game, as it robs you of any opportunity to utilize other skills necessary to progress. I never 1 ref unless i actually don't want to play the person, aka if im vs'ing someone new and i know it will end it very quickly.
  10. They are more complex than you're making them out to be. Harvester hunting is a main tactic when actual good players vs eachother, but again, there are so many inaccuracies in these posts that it's not really worth investing time in. Point being, this 20 year old game should not be changed because you don't like the way it's played. Create your own mod if you dislike things about it.
  11. There are and always have been useless units/structures. You coming in here (like many others have) wanting to change the way a game has been for 20 years without knowing everything about the units youre talking about doesnt make sense. Like i said previously, if you want to mod your own ts with alterations you find fitting, cool. But dont attempt to "fix" a game that many of us have loved and played for many, many years, especially without our input. Its been done and irritated many of us and caused many older players to quit when it was done by strike team, and has even been done on cncnet.
  12. light infantry, rockets, and discs are priced just fine, especially for their usage and since barracks are $300.... if barracks were $2000 like a war factory then yeah, sure, let them be able to do more and not be squished possibly... nobody here that i see speaking about this has played ts to a point where they actually know what every unit can do in any given situation, and hopefully this discussion was just brought up to be ideas for someone else's modded versions of the game, because as it stands, there are so many inaccuracies in these posts to address otherwise.
  13. here's another bit of advice, don't play mod maps. a lot of mod (modified) maps alter the way the game is normally played, such as increasing the amount of power one powerplant gives from 300 to 1000, or superspeed harvs/increased amounts of money given for every time a harv unloads tiberium. this makes the game an INSANE amount easier, and thus prevents people from learning how to play with the normal metrics. it voids the need to really manage your money, control units properly, and if you play on maps (such as the popular garbage map that is giants), there is one narrow entrance that disables any sort of ground attack coming from more than one direction. These skewed changes basically force most people into playing one way only. Also, there should never be any "rules" when you go into a game besides not cheating (which is already prevented thanks to this server). The made-up rules that people say going into a game are just there to make it easier for them since they're unable to play without making the approach to the game more narrow. I'm not saying this to bash mod maps or mod players, but if you honestly want to get better, you're not going to do it by playing a map that nullifies damn near every skill needed to actually be good at this game. edit: i guarantee that if those who play mod maps would play on official maps for even a week, they would improve drastically. the point is.... play official maps to grow and don't be afraid to lose a lot. the best players have lost 235023952352 times before getting decent and there is no other way to get better.
  14. i heard that a few of the brits were on league of legends, but im not entirely sure. ray might know how to get in tough with gster or roo and they could give you urab's contact if they're still in touch. haven't seen rag since my noob days and i couldn't tell you about any of the rest 😕
  15. lol hi there, ragnal20k, urab17ch, hark, laz, noordin, henky all dont play now 😕 i dont think anybody from irco does, but tight4lif, myself, ray10123492734, and a few others do play still
  16. message me, id be willing to help.
  17. Of course, although I wouldn't trust anybody to add any demonstrations of what I've put in this guide unless I were the one doing it
  18. can you please make a useful alteration to the game and fix it to where if noobs like tigerrr walk their mk into a ref when an emp fires, that it actually disables it?
  19. Sorry guys, I wasn't feeling great and slept in a bit, but I'm on now
  20. Hey, it seems there's recently been a higher interest in newer players wanting to spectate live games to get some insight on how to play. I thought it would be a good idea to try something new and set up a couple times during the week that I'll be on regularly and open to having non laggy spectators from anybody wanting to learn some stuff. The first one will be tomorrow at 10am (Pacific Standard Time), so get on ts if you want to see some matches. I don't have any set opponents or players, but I'll have a game set and see what happens. Sidenote- this is for those outside the pool of players that regularly play official maps, so all you fresh faces and mod players come and spectate! Westwood players will be kicked for room if necessary, you guys spectate enough of my games. -c0rpsmakr
  21. I'd prefer people to need to actually remember to control the units they produce, rather than the ai doing it for them.... and no, it works online, as im trying to get used to not alt'ing my war to my tib....
  22. Not a fan of these new changes that make ts easier such as harvs working as soon as they come out of the war or not holding down alt on production buildings... im trying to change that back but i dont see anything labeled sun.ini. If it's the SUN notepad file, it's not allowing me to save it with the added changes.
  23. Here's a fun topic that's been getting some focus recently that I will add some insight on for this guide- GDI VS NOD gameplay- As you'll see joining different games, most of the time you'll only encounter players choosing the NOD faction on modified maps with skewed building options, such as getting 1000 power from one powerplant, or on long-distance maps. The reason for this is because nod is the more defensive, stealthy faction while gdi is the more direct, brute force faction. Newer players prefer to be defensive and choose nod, as it can make defensive structures much faster than gdi (ie nod being able to construct whole lasers, sams, and obelisks where gdi needs to build component towers before placing vulcan cannons, rpgs, or sam upgrades on top of them), and its units are intended to be more stealthy and defensive as well. Nod doesn't have ground units that can be sent across the map that are sturdy and powerful enough to gain map control/kill like gdi does. Gdi has disc throwers, titans, hover mlrs, and mammoths, that in a direct engagement with nod's equivalent units (rockets, tick tanks, artillery, cyborg commando) would absolutely crush nod. This is why it takes much longer for players to improve as nod. It has to be much more creative and utilize a variety of tactics to overcome a good gdi opponent, since they cant just march across the map. Nod has 5 options when attacking or pressuring a gdi: early infantry, subs, banshees, missles, and harvester harassment. Gdi has several more vs nod: early infantry, apc, titans, hover mlrs, disruptor, mk, bombs, harvester harassment, Nod is more micro-intensive and complicated, due to it needing to use several different defensive tactics to counter gdi. Not all of nods defensive units work well on gdi's offense, and they're also used in different situations. For instance, nod's attack cycles have problems hitting moving targets, but they are much faster and cheaper than tick tanks, which are more accurate. Because of this, i would opt to use cycles to attack an enemy's emp'd titans near my base instead of tick tanks, since the cycles would reach the titans faster than tick tanks, and the titans arent able to move. Cycles' attack power are also stronger than tick tanks' (when they actually hit their target). I could make 4 attack cycles ($600 each, 600 x 4= $2400) in the same time that it would take me to make 3 tick tanks ($800 each, 800 x 3 = $2400), and the tick tanks would take longer to arrive at the emp'd titans, as well as not being able to kill them as fast as 4 cycles. Cycles are able to dodge gdi bombers better than tick tanks as well due to their speed, which is a great ability to have against gdi's best unit for wiping out nod's defense. I'm getting tired, so ill add on more tomorrow.
  24. Firstly, it's clear that gdi units are of much more flexibility and strength than nod. However, If any balance changes were to be seriously discussed, it should take more than one or two people to really sit down and work out any alterations that could affect everyone else, which is a huge criticism i've had for those implementing changes on cncnet from the beginning... There's also the idea that even the top players, myself included, hadn't figured out how to play nod at its best vs top gdi players, which i believe is part of the problem. This game is so old and past its prime that almost nobody's even considered other strategies and thats been left up to less than a handful of people to try to continue innovating over the last 15 years, at least as far as nod goes. I have a few new ideas for it when i get on, but to say that gdi is better than nod is not accurate. Even with nods several useless units and buildings, the type of map and the players' understanding of the game should ultimately decide the outcome.
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