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August 2019 ladder community input.


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Few ideas , was looking for input.


1) Limit ladder logs to 3 a month. Option to  delete a log after 30 days.

2) Make the fs maps not fs game based but keep the maps. Makes no sense this is TS and we haven't attempted to balance fs. Same fs maps no fs units or gameplay.

3) Get rid of the small tiberium creature laced maps. A few of these maps are such a luck fest. Ive died at least 10x stuggling vs random tib creatures on the super small maps. Its like pure luck and ruins a good game. Bring back area 51 or humbles other maps even.

Ill look over maps soon post which im talking about and suggest new ones.

4) Do something about players leaving in less than 10 sec via the bug that allows others to see who is who in qm.j Ive pmd dkeeton about this.


Other ideas?

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Them fs maps are funny think they should keep them for those who want to play them but maybe have a button that rejects fs for those who don't? 

Think the map pool should be bigger still... also random map generator so no one knows wtf they are playing on make it interesting 


Can you get an extra button for a side tournament say for specific maps only? 

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1. Limit should obviously be 1 name per ladder month.. There is 0 reason to allow more than 1 other than to encourage abuse

2. Firestorm is far more balanced than TS even with the vet patch. Firestorm is only not liked because a few elitist cunts deemed it to be bad and the entire community globbed onto their opinion. FS is far superior game.

3. Those "tib creatures" are not a threat unless you don't know the map and have 0 ability to adapt and think.

4. Obviously the solution to this is to make the person who disconnects lose points. You already punish players who crash or disconnect unintentionally regardless of the current state of the game after that time frame so you might as well extend it to any time frame. The 0.1% of the time the crash/disconnect is unintentional would suck but its better than allowing abuse.

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Aaaaaand there goes the ladder again. Dkeeton u just don't get it do u. SMH

Gg ladder. Was fun 2 mths lmfao. This is what happens when people cry and then people that don't even play a game make decisions.

Steel/Tiber is right. Damn..

We play a game  for 20 yrs where you were allowed like 9+ logins now its 1 and if u get dodged, or u want to practice, or u get dc by some random noob and all of the other problems that come with 1 log, u can blame c0rps and the other crybabies, or the decision makers here that don't even play the game.


It should be 3 logins at least. And mark my words your 1 login decision just killed the ladder.

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3 logs, One for pure nod, one for pure gdi and one for MIX. Elite.

One log is just boring, minimum 2 logs should be fun. Especially since its all random maps and players you face.


One log for messing with corpsmakr, highlight of the game. He wont make rank 1.

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To avoid dodgers as u can still see who u r playing in game and people r surr n leaving.

To play with friends on ladder. To get matches with other people than who you are usually matched with, or to practice the other factions or different strategies.

Really there are lots of reasons, smurf logs exist in any major competitive game especially rts. look at sc, or LoL. and how many pros use smurfs. Tiberian sun itself had 9+ logs since wol, to xwis, etc 


then a few people cried about getting beat by mola on various logs and now we have 1 log and i think ull find ill be right and activity will dwindle at an increasing rate.

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On ‎8‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 9:52 AM, TRZ said:



This is what happens when people cry and then people that don't even play a game make decisions.


couldn't agree more idk who these nerds are dkeeton and grant are but as someone whos been in the community daily for years you guys are too far removed to understand whats going on. let alone make accurate decisions for us based upon 3rd party talk. the ladder is dead (has been) and also corrupt by admins and mods who are actively participating and have a vested interest in winning. 

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I actually just pieced together who dkeeton is and he should know better. Hes actually done a LOT A LOT! for this game. But this was a dumb decision and the ladder took a huge hit right away. Nobody is playing now.


And c0rps u literally made a topic crying about this very matter then boom change to the rule. 


The ladder at more activity than it had in years YEARS and then u guys went and changed it. Now nobody is playing...



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