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How to change Rules.ini

Joe Bond

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Hi, I tried to access the Rules.ini file under Rules in the Red alert scenario editor, but it just says file not found: (followed by the supposed address of the Ini file) 

I would like to modify my game such that buildings can repair by themselves. It would be nice if I could make other changes too, like maybe a class of aircraft that drop nuclear bombs as well as nuclear bombs that take a shorter time to launch.

Hopefully somebody with knowledge could help me out?

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Downloading XCC utilities.


Use the XCC mixer to extract Rules.ini from redalert.mix -> local.mix.

If you need to edit Aftermath units, aftrmath.ini is in Expand02.mix.

You can't make buildings self heal completely. The RA1 self healing is hard coded to 50%. 


You can't add new units like the newer C&Cs. The amount of units in game is limited to what's already in the game. You can change the stats, weapons, and graphics. You can make the MIG or YAK drop nukes if you want.

A-Bomb timer is controlled by a timer that can be decreased.


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