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May 2020 Map Pack Released!

[CC] RaVaGe

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May 2020 Map Pack


Release notes:

  • Updated "Tournament" game mode to allow enabling "Red Alert 2 mode".


Added the following maps for the game modes Battle, Meat Grinder, Free For All, Team Alliance, Unholy Alliance

Also enabled Mesa, Alaskan Gem Rush and Rogues' Arena to be playable under the "Tournament" game mode as these maps are deemed to be the most balanced of the new maps.





  • [4] Well of Wealth by Lylak 

posted image






  • [6] Rogue's Arena by Black Snow & @RaVaGe







  • [8] Cliffside Slide by Burg




  • [8] Corwick Forest by Burg




  • [8] Don't Step On The Crocodile by Lylak



Added the following maps for the Mod Maps game mode/map category.

REKOOOL FIRE - 2020 [2v2] by Tran Nam Official (TM)



REKOOOL FIRE - 2020 - 3v3 Pro by Tran Nam Official (TM)





Maps have been verified to be free of cheats by @RaVaGe


Thanks go out to everyone who helped to make this update a reality.

Map makers: @ChallengerX_Pro , @Aro, Lylak, Burg, Black Snow, DOC, Tran Nam Official (TM)

CnCNet Staff: @Grant

A special thanks to @Bazooka Joe for sending me the Rekoool mod maps. 


Feedback & Bug Reports

Please leave all comments below and report any map specific bugs to the original map maker and not CnCNet staff.
Any other issues regarding maps should be reported to @RaVaGe

Edited by RaVaGe
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 This is awesome,  especially adding mod maps like Rekool. It'd be great to add other popular mod maps like RedZone Recon Error Fix 3v3 (though it still does a lot of reconnection errors so should be called something else lol) as that is another popular map people keep editing.

Great work by all involved. Thanks. 

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