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loosing Points when the other players "Bail"


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Yuris Revenge Quick Match Ladder  1on1

why do i loose points if the other player "bail", the game didnt get started "properly"? i was in the game but mcv didnt deployed, then abort screen from the opponent and i get the loose? this cant be for real..

is this a bug in the ladder that the ladder randomly roll the dice who will get the loss?..


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what indicators you use to decide what it looks like?

1. if its written lean, there was a problem (bail, error or dc - this should be this game)

2. if its written in bold, it a ledgit game and a real loss

if you have a plug, its a connection problem (and it should be 1.)

for me, this looks like second but it was listed as 1. but it wasnt..

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