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C&C Ultimate ( Origin)




i hope someone can help me. I got as a Birthdaypresent C&C Ultimate Collection from Origin, and can't play. 

Start the game no problem, IntroVideo no problem, Mission Video no problem, but after that ,the game is so laggy it is not possible to play.

Driver = up to date

Win 10 = up to date

other games are running without any Problems, CoD , WoW e.g

allready tried uninstall, reinstall, empty cache, tried different types of Compatibilitymode

no results at all, 

Any Ideas or suggestion ? 


Thanks a lot Jackie


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Hi dkeeton, 

nearly perfekt. After installing  cncnet i was surprised ( starts in online and skirmish menue ), but then starting RA 2 , and it works perfekt.

Thank you so much.

Do you have any Ideas for YR ?  Still not possible to play that. But the problem there is different after installing cncnet, before i had the same problem with YR, extremley laggy, but now, the game starts, all videos are fine, and as soon as the mission starts the screen ist black, i hear the sound but no screen at all



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