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Various SP mapping questions


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Hi all

I'm now knee-deep in TD SP mapping and am starting to run into questions that I can't answer via Nyerguds guide, opening the default maps or a lot of googling.

  • Is there anyway to improve the AI on gunboats? They seem to find one target and fixate on it until it's dead. If it moves out of range they won't change target to anything else. This is on the "Hunt" AI used by gunboats in all the campaign maps.

I've tried putting gunboats in a difference House (Multi3) and using "All to Hunt" on them to refresh their AI state and hopefully get them to re-target, but "All to Hunt" kicks in for every AI unit in every House.

I've also tried creating them as a teamtype and giving them MOVE-HUNT-MOVE-HUNT instructions to try to refresh their AI (I had hoped they would ignore the move instructions), but that just results in them swanning around in the water in a really weird manner.

  • I'm unsure where newly built Orca's will arrive from? I have a House (located SE map corner) where the reinforcement edge is set to South, but Orca's seem to come in from the right side of the map, or from the top-right corner?
  • Do player A-10's always come from the top-left corner of the map? Is there anyway to control this?
  • If Chinooks are buildlevel 98 and so are Wooden Fences, is there anyway to give the player the ability to built Chinooks without Fences, or is that just how it is?
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So I've had a look further into this, and have started digging through the sourcecode.

I've tried assigning a TeamType loop to gunboats, to get them to flick between Rampage and Attack Base, to hopefully clear their target fixation, but their behaviour is still the same. From looking in UNIT.CPP in the code, they get assigned MISSION_HUNT whenever they come back in off the map edge. I might play around with TeamTypes a bit more to see what orders Gunboats will accept from a TeamType.

On the Orca reinforcement location, I can see in REINF.CPP that aircraft use SOURCE_AIR, rather than pulling SOURCE_NORTH / S / W / E from that set for the House. I'll look into what this means, but I'm not actually familiar with c++. So it's a bit foreign.

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