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Red Alert - Rebalance mode


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Good day Comrades ?



The intention of this mode is to make some rebalance and make AI more agressive thus skirmish mode more fun. Of course it is possible to use in multiplayer(both players must install this mode on the same version of game).


New units\Structures:

- Soviets now have Commando instead of Tanya(she is more Allied afterall)

- Chnged skin of Light Tank (by AchromicWhite)

- Changed skin of Tesla tank (by Nyerguds)

- Allied now have Badger bomber and Airfields (it feels wrong that they have no Aiplains) to make it work I had to remove Yak plane from Soviets(no pitty)


Changes to existing units:

- All allied units gained +5-10% HP, exept Artillery +100% HP (IMHO vanilla Allied units are too weak)

- Medium tank have mg90 machine gun as secondary weapon (to be more effective against infantry, all tanks have macineguns afterall)

- Units roket incresed danage to troopers: Bazooka, Destroyer, Longbow helicopter, Phase tank (it feels wrong that rockets cant kill infantry after 1-3 shots)

- Mine layer mines increased damage

- All useless buildings like fakes, barbwire fence, small power plant were removed

- Some units were removed: Jeep, Radar jam, Mobile gap generator, Aircraft carrier(I hope some one who builds new skins for RA can build a really nice big Aircraft ship)

- Prerequsites of almost all units were removed ( faster search in the build list )

- Many other small changes I really dont remember everything ?


Gameplay changes:

- Increased speed of ore growth and its cost (more money more units can be build = more fun)

- Increased build ratio of aircrafts for AI (their air attaks are very massive now)

- Paratroopers now 10 instead of 5 (with 10 troopers you can do some damage)

- Parabombs now have 2 bombers and 6 bombs (vanilla 1 and 5)

- To capture building you need only 1 engineer (sometimes AI send an engineer to your base and now this action has a meaning)

- Increased crates quantity (wich allows AI randomly pick up different nice things like MCV or Nuke more often)

- Nuke damage increased by 300% (now its real Nuke not a puff)

- Other options to change AI behaviour to be more agressive



Unzip to game folder, overwrite old files(dont forget to make a copy of original files before this!)


Have fun. Post comments. Cheers


Red Alert - Rebalance mode ver1.00.zip

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