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Mental Omega 3.3.6 crashed when i open it on Ubuntu 22.04



Hi everyone, 

    I'v been downloading the last update of mental omega 3.3.6, it downloaded and everything looks fine, but when i open up the game it crash and display this message: 

CnCnet Client has crashed. Error message: Invalid function. a crash log has been saved to the following file: Z:/home/mrghost/Downloads/Games/Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge/Mental Omega /ClientCrashLogs/ClientCrashLog_2024_01_28_14_46.txt

I have to mention that. I'v been using Ubuntu 22.04 NOT WINDOWS, to play the game.

Also, I provide you with the log file. 

So, I searched and googled everywhere, but i did not find the solution of this problem, so can anybody provide me with a little assist. 


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Mental Omega 3.3.6 is crashing upon opening in Ubuntu 22.04. To address this issue, start by confirming that your system meets the minimum requirements for running the game, including checking graphics drivers and dependencies. Update your graphics drivers to ensure they are current, as outdated or incompatible drivers can lead to crashes. Experiment with running the game in compatibility mode by adjusting settings in the Properties menu. Launch Mental Omega from the terminal to review any error messages or logs generated during the crash. If using Wine, check its configuration settings, particularly those related to graphics and sound. Verify that you have the latest game version installed and explore community forums for potential solutions or patches. If problems persist, consider reporting the issue to the developers, providing detailed information about your system and the error messages encountered. Always backup game data and configurations before making significant changes, and seek assistance from the community or developers if needed.

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