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How can we attract more players to Tiberian Sun?

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You clearly fail to understand the *point* here... Learning a BO will not make you good at a game: learning skills will. 

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Well, this is easy.

Teach them how to play. That is how you attract more players.

*mic drop*


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Think you need to keep original ts available for old skool players as to retain and keep the player base you already have. And any old players returning will want the nostalgia of it, not the new modded to shit version. 


Keep the modded to shit versions option available to the newb community who don't know any better. 

Other than that keep up the good work I guess..  And just generally let the news have a go... Gotta be nothing worse than being newb and just getting kicked from all the games... That won't encourage no fucker 


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Some people will only log on and actually STAY for specific reasons. But sometimes (maybe most of the time) log on at the 'wrong time' and will straight away log off. So how about if they're told, or NOTIFIED, WHEN to log on? Right now you can only enable notifications regarding FORUM activities, which is good, but would it be possible to add notifications specifically related to current SERVER activity? Like for example...

Notify if:

  • there are 10 or more TS matches running/open
  • there are 10 or more players in Quick Match
  • a friend is online
  • an event is about to begin (tournament, ladder soon to end/reset)
  • rank has dropped below top 10
  • there are major updates
  • ...and so on.

People will also have to be reminded to have notifications enabled on their Firefox / Chrome apps on their phones as well so they can be notified anywhere.

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Hi Grant

Tiberian sun wants to develop. It has good graphics and mechanics. But unlike starcraft nobody made updates that keep the game alive. In multiplayer, most of the units are useless. 

There must be team of people who will be testing the game and evolve the units so the game is balanced and not boring, like starcraft. Lets make that team, I have some skills.

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56 minutes ago, mellow_c said:

So, I'm not kidding about this...

I downloaded Tiberian Sun from cncnet, and have been playing the campaign, and have done a couple of skirmishes with AI, but I have NO idea how to play with people online???

Do I open the game from my desktop and do it that way somehow? I've clicked on "Internet" in the games Main Menu, but it doesn't seem to connect me to anything actually going on no matter what I do. 

Do I need to go through the cncnet web site somehow? 


I'd love to play with some people but honestly have no idea how... 




Thanks 🙂

 Click the CnCNet icon if you've made shortcuts on your desktop or find Launcher.exe or TSMPLauncher.exe from your install directory.

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I figured it out just before you said what to do...

Thank you very much though!


I'm in Love! 😄


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