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Highly offensive anti-semitic posts by Zizou-i've had enough now.


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A number of posts in recent times by Zizou have been highly offensive, and I’m not talking about private messages, I refer to main forum posts.  Whilst I believe that casual stereotyping is in good faith and a bit of fun, e.g. laughing at CROboy about the Croatian football team, Zizou’s remarks go way beyond the line.

This game has a number of Jewish users, many in Israel and many also across the world (myself included).  Zizou’s constant remarks about wishing to kill Jews and that Hitler was his hero are so offensive that words cannot do it justice.  On the street in UK or American, this would be an arrestable offence.

A number of other users I have spoken to have commented on this, such as Luni, that not only are these comments sickly, but the fact they seem to be immune is deeply saddening.  This site seems to be able to ban people in a matter of seconds for cheating, but racism seems to be immune.

I’m sure other players will now come forward here to back up my points on Zizou’s comments.  This is not a witch hunt; this is about basic right and wrong.



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Please find attached, proof of Zizou's antisemitism.  Zizou joins my game lobby and begins with hail Hitler remarks and then stating he wished all Jewish people were dead and that Hitler did not do a good enough job.


If this does not deserve a ban, that I'm lost for words.  Zizou has been bombarding myself and other Jewish Ra players with abuse for many months now, and nothing has been done.


I find this a disgrace.


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i was asked for help by dutchie. after he tried for 2 days to get ANY admin for help and POSTED it here. then again he messanged all available admins in-lobby, except one, none answered him. the one who answered said: he was no admin, which was a lie. i don't name names here. no need to.


i have NO CLUE why nobody answered him or helped him. netherlands is small country. and this insults are just way-way-way-beyond tolerable. imagine: with IP it s ezz to find out the street or neighborhood u live + combine with such a level of harassment? wow. WOW.


i first decided to not take sides. i thought, others would do their job as admins/mods..... but NOT?!


day after day nothing happens. untrue.



i don't know, what funky has in mind here? if he knows, what is sometimes going on? or if he stopped caring after #crush_issue. but..... we all as an active community need some problem-solvers here. either better mods. or more mods. or something.


but honestly. to let someone newcoming like dutchie stand alone with such bad shit against him.... i really don't get it. :(



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ok...to point it out even clearer:



some days ago, a pseudo nicknamed crush was inlobby-chat. i asked the same admin/mod dutchie asked, for please doing something....because that pseudo-nicknamed-crush....was so bad behaving.


i didn't get ANY answer, although mod was online (by like: 5sec before an action or writing)


and NOTHING happened.


so. again. i wanna ASK: what is the issue here?



i get both: a bit of trolling is part of the game. but there are red-lines to not-cross. and if crossed, somebody needs do something. where are those folks, who do something then?



(members of dutchies team told me, he wants to skip RA furthermore, because of all this..................... he wasn't been seen for 5days now, before that, he was a great upcoming talent with lotsa improving very fast)

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Hey Dutchie!


I used translator and it became clear that more is going on. All are completely out of control. Why is needed to ban people who are not even dangerous, and ban him for all life? Why is it so hard and difficult to ban people who deserve it? The thing has gone very far ...


I see that Dutchie has asked for help many times, but how can not anyone help him? Dutchie has very clearly pointed out how a player has gone too far and threatens others too seriously.


I'm waiting patiently answers.

Is such a threat is legitimate?


CNC needs keeping more players and new players should be welcomed, not like scared.

Please pay attention to the serious problems !:)

We all love that awsome game from childhood!


Hope to see u soon Dutchie!


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OK ive spoken to zizou and to dutchie about this issue and ive made it clear to them both that they need to ignore each other if there is any more harassment of any kind, plus have told them that we will take action against them if they ignore what I have said to them. Ive advised them both that they need to report any harassment of any kind to an admin online or to the forum, and any admins will take the appropriate action at the time. Please feel free to comment if anyone thinks this is enough to deal with this issue or if you think more needs to be done thanks.

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this has been dealt with as fair as possible dutchie and I have spoken to you about this also.Please respect what ive said to you both and if there is any more behaviour from zizou or you that break the rules then the action will be a lot more severe as ive advised you both

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deathtraits ar punishabel,l, in every eu country deathtraits tru forums ar the same as in ' normal life'


i dont know how itt works in usa, butt i know iam not going to there to solve this.


i really hope that you  MODS ar realyzing what you aproved with this, i really hope that.


cause what is the line for you mods????

when i log in on cnc, i see the rules, NO RASICM, NO HERASTMENTS, NO PERSONALISATIONS.

all that zizou did, butt you mods ar not taking action..............................


The disruptive person broke the rules as you have reported and mods have given him a warning that he will be banned if the problem persists. I don't see any "mods ar not taking action.....". You just need to calm down, your thirst of wanting a worse punishment for him is consuming you. He's been given a warning.


this will not be the end off this discusion....


Mods and their lock tools will be the judge of that.
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thank you for that posting Dutchie. I appreciate you thanking me for my actions last night. It was actually a joint decision between mods on last night and ferret posted the decision but I later decided that you didn't deserve a ban as long as 24 hrs. Hope we can now close this issue now

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Since those harassments are in lobby, just ignore them. Why are you the only one out of the 250+ people online are triggered by this? (im guessing it's your hatred towards zizou and auf). Report the situation (your last comment is just whining than reporting properly) and move on. Mods are not available 24/7. They can't babysit all the time.

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This game has a number of Jewish users, many in Israel and many also across the world (myself included).


I'm taking you're proud of that?



Zizou’s constant remarks about wishing to kill Jews and that Hitler was his hero are so offensive that words cannot do it justice.  On the street in UK or American, this would be an arrestable offence.


Really? Free speech has come a long way I see.




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You should understand that the mods have their own lifes as well. 1 PM was all that you needed to do about this. And then simply wait. Even if it is weeks to no end. They have a lot of modding work here. I am certain of it. I did the same years ago. And it is unrewarding too. So, you should be happy that they took their time helping.


Also, simply ignore the bougers. They feed on people like you. If you respond, it might as well look that you troll too.


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ferret: why u banned just now??????? i was banned 24hours by RA168UK yesterday.

and today at 18:28 player called'' jaap'' said to this attenseeker dutchi i love u newbie, het got mad.

i told jaap ignore him, he look for attention again. than he (durtchi) told me in dutch:'' your cancermom and uncle, i hope they will get raped and killed by a terror group'' ???.

i didnt report this and ignored it,. now  see this here???? lies,  here and u ban me  ferret???? give me the reason and look back the  lobby logs before u do this shit again. ra68uk wanted to go look up the logs and he said he will ban dutchi for this if this is true what he said . and its true go ask jaap and look logs before u ever ban again without explaination or facts.

this attenseeker cried and lied and u believe witout known it??? go look the fking logs u will see what happened and what he said: ''your cancermam and uncle, i hope they will get raped and killed by a terror group''. i even ignored that


and now ferret banned me for what???

RAUK i have spoken to you and u will find this out and bann this ffking lier for liie'ng so hard. even go ask Jaap for conform. i even just made an account just becuz i cant believe how he lie here and why thefck this ferret banned me


this guy lie soo much about today. harrasment???? WTF how can u ffking lie here and not feel shame. someone go get the logss of 18:20 look what their stands and look how he says to me and get this straight. pure lie and  hate. i ignored this guy 4weeks long while he put shit about me on lobby. attentionseeker screaming for attention like a girl for months


RA68UK will u pls check this like u told me and get  the truth above cuz i dont understand what just happened


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why dont mod show m,u messgaes??????????? why not aprove wtf


becuz i explain what happened?


dutchi why u liee so hardand so much?

i said those thingS????? ure ffking sick.

show the pm i said those things like the uncle thing ????? hpw u make up this lies  from where??? and like i hate cuz u jew???

why u fking lie????


i explained in 4 posts what happened en why the jew  hitler thing against baron as u see above. mods dont aprove it? becuz off truth?? BARONM friends delete it cuz i tell what thwe couz off this all was???


RAUK said he can look lobby logs. we will see who lies oke ? u sick person

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