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Expanding SNOW Theater with new tiles


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Gimped Image.


Long time nobody has done new tilesets for RA, I'm active again.


Most of my stuff I get by editing existing RA tiles or using images from Tiberian Sun.

Some tiles like the Dam perfectly fit into the game, others still need fixing.


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Yes, a graveyard.

I 'm not really satisfied with the stuff I took from TS, I doesn't really look like part of the game yet. For now I removed the blueish tone a little bit.


I put the images in a snow.mix (Interior additions already done by Allen262) and added a short missions featuring it. :yo:

I would really like to see my images in RedAlert++ or CNCNet-RA!  :redalert:

You can extract and change/modify my stuff in that way you want. Same for the additions I made for the temperate theater and all my other images.






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