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(TD) Map idea / request

Lilly Blanche

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Hello everyone! :) 

Name’s Lilly, and I’m in charge of a rather interesting project. We’re making a full translation of Tiberian Dawn (text, subtitles for cutscenes, dubbing for units and EVA) into my native language, which happens to be Ukrainian. In the process of doing so, I got this awesome idea to have a kind of a “bonus map” made specifically for this project, a nice additional mission to play for those who download the translation once it’s done. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea how to make cool maps for Tiberian Dawn from technical standpoint, and whatever I might learn in this short timespan will not be enough to deliver a quality result. However, I’m sure there are many talented mappers around here who might be interested in creating something like this.

If you decide to help us out with this, you will be fully credited as a map designer and a co-author of the translation alongside everyone else. The map doesn’t have to be exclusive either – if you make it, it’s yours, and you may do with it as you please.

To make it more interesting, we’ll try to create unique briefing, defeat and victory videos for it so that it feels like something from the campaign.

So, here’s the basic premise (nothing fancy, really, ideas are welcomed):

Enemy forces have occupied a nearby village. Commanding a small task force (some infantry, a jeep or two or an APC), player must regain control of the village and secure the area. There are two ways to reach the village: one is the most obvious route, practically screaming “go through here!”, but it’s heavily guarded by the bulk of the enemy forces (infantry, vehicles, maybe a guard tower or two). Sending troops through there is basically suicide. The second route is less obvious, and is the route the player should actually take in order to complete the mission. It’s still guarded and challenging, but not deadly. It allows player to flank the enemy forces, attack and enter the village from behind. Then, player has to destroy a couple of SAM sites scattered around the village. Once that’s done, player gets an airstrike and some reinforcements to finish off the rest of the enemy forces on the map, which then grants them victory.

Victory conditions:

-          Find a way to get into the village.

-          Destroy the SAM sites in order to get an airstrike and some reinforcements.

-          Eliminate all enemy forces in the area using everything you've got.

Defeat conditions:

-          Lost all units.

-          Heavy civilian casualties (basically, if there’s little to no actual “village” left by the end of the battle, either by accident or because of player’s actions, player should lose because there’s no reason to hold the village anymore). This is mainly to prevent the player from targeting the village itself once he or she gets an airstrike.

Size: Per author’s discretion.
Theater: SNOW (it's snowing heavily now where we live, so it would be most appropriate)
Player: GDI

Everything else – layout, actual object placement, additional stuff happening is all up to whoever’s making the map, no restrictions whatsoever.

Let me know if anyone’s interested!
And have a great day

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Sure, I can make this for you. :)

And done. Hope it's what you wanted. :D

Winter Solstice

A Nod terrorist cell has seized control of a rural village and fortified their position.
They're threatening to kill hostages unless their demands are met. We do not
negotiate with terrorists, so we're sending in "The Diplomat". Use his strike force
to cripple Nod's perimeter defences, allowing our heavy armour access to the
battle. Nod may start executing hostages. Do not allow them all to die.

Winter Solstice.zip


Solstice Start.png

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Thank you so much! :D This is PERFECT

I had tons of fun trying to beat this map, it took me... ahem, quite a lot of tries, actually, I wasn't expecting it to have so many surprises (those flamethrowers are EVIL XD), but I finally managed to get that "mission accomplished". By the end, felt well earned (though... I think I might be court martialed by the GDI command once they realize how many GDI soldiers I killed by accident as a result of my incompetence XD): 


I loved all the little touches in there, such as Agent Delphi running around showing you the correct path (I even managed to protect him long enough to make it somewhat close to the village before he got himself killed), the fact that NOD start circling the hostages like sharks (this makes me feel uneasy as a player, seeing them running around in there, who knows what they might do!) and the fact that you, as GDI, are forced to utilize covert tactics in order to liberate these people. Usually, hiding in shadows (and behind trees with flamethrowers) is part of Brotherhood's course. 

Also, I got this feeling that the NOD AI tried to go after civilians first any time it felt I got an advantage. It literally costed me a victory during one of the tries: I've taken out the last gun turret on the map, when suddenly a survived NOD soldier ran out of fire and started moving towards the village. The only units I had in that area were the tanks and a couple of rocket soldiers, who weren't quick enough to catch up to this sole minigunner. He ran past my rocket soldiers who failed to hit him (panicked, I guess?) straigth towards a civilian standing nearby and shot the poor guy, which resulted in me failing the mission (NOD were rather successful in killing them by dozens in this particular run, so by that point, any dead civilian could've been a game over). I was pissed. And impressed :D 

This is exactly what we needed - a challenging, beautifully made map that gives you something to think about, the one that requires you to plan ahead and use your units with top efficiency. Once again, thank you so much! This will surely go into the final package, and you'll be credited as promised! :) 

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