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Another noob with his problems

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Ive tried, ive searched high and low and cant find the answers that are simple enough for my little brain to understand.

any changes i make to ore (how fast it grows, what its worth, etc) dont take effect - i have learned as much that im editing the MPR file, running it through cncnet, have even played my custom map over lan with other alterations taking effect, but no changes to the ores related stats...

i grew up playing ra1, and now that ive found it again im hoping to sink some hours

id greatly appreciate any help or advice

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i also struggling to find any direction with adding build icons

for example i have added the hospital to the map im building, but it has no icon for the build menu. for testing purposes i attached the bio lab icon using the "Image" line in the .MPR, but this also changed the graphic on the battle map to the bio lab, and had it cycle through its image set non-stop.

im not a coder/modder/programer by any stretch of the imagination and ive taught myself pretty much everything i know (which is virtually nothing) i just want someone to say "look here it will explain it" haha

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Infinite money maps use the following mod (it grows very fast, depending on what you are trying to do you'll have to slow it down):




If the growthRate is too high you'll need to surround the ore with rocks to prevent it from covering the whole map, if you don't want to use rocks then do the following:




Not all buildings have icons, some of them were not supposed to be build

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On 5/20/2017 at 9:14 AM, InfraredEcho said:

So am i able to add an icon for a building? - yes, for existing buildings, please look around

would i need a special image format? - yes, please look around

would i need a special program? - yes, please look around


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