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C&C95 memory crash on starting



Well, there has been already a similar issue with C&C95 immediately crashing when using the cnc-ddraw.dll


Windows says there has been an error with some memory code to some memory code(it changes everytime) and when I disable it, it works fine... Except that the videos are tiny and there is no possibility for windowed mode.

So does anyone have an idea how to make it work? My system is Windows 10 64bit, CPU: FX-8350, GPU: RX-480

I have also tried to change the renderer to opengl in the ini file, it doesn't have any impact. So the dll itself must be the problem.

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It really was the compatibility mode, thank you so much!

To be exact, C&C95.exe was running in Windows 95 compatibility mode, once I uncheck it it runs normally and fixes the memory bug. Although the CCConfig.exe automatically enables compatibility mode in the C&C95.exe when saved.

Didn't try it with the mini mp version yet.


But now I happen run across the issue, that the mouse is available in windowed mode, but it's also running through my desktop and I can't click anything with my mouse... CCConfig.exe doesn't seem to have an option for it, but the ddraw.ini does. mhack needs to be set to true instead of false.


Thank you again. It works fine now.

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