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Still having trouble Playing RA 1 over LAN



So, I am trying to connect 2 computers to the LAN menu for RA1. They are both ethernet wired into the same router. I open the LAN server and menu on one and the other attempts to connect. It never connects however, and just gets stuck in a cycle of Connecting.... and No Response from Server. I have tried hosting on both computers but with no success. Can someone explain how this is supposed to work?

The IP address that the connecting computer tries to connect to is correct, except it adds a :6667 onto the end of the IP. That's the only odd thing that I see.


Is there a way to get the in-game LAN menu to work? I noticed that this version doesn't allow you to enter the in-game menu even though the directory includes the LAN patch.



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It's normal that it adds the 6667, all looking good. I guess it can only be your firewall/anti virus blocking the access to that port. Do you have the same security programs installed on both pcs?


You should be able to use the old LAN with this installer: https://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/

You can do a mini web install, then in the launcher go on Play Offline. Don't start cncnet though, cause it will remove the LAN patch from the folder since it kept causing problems

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