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RA1 mission in need of repair


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Hey everybody. I recently dove into mission making for Red Alert (the original) and I'd like some help.

I created a simple base assault mission in RAED and thus far everything works except for my team types. For some reason, the teams the AI creates don;t follow their waypoints, they kind of just roam randomly before clumping up in the corner of the map. 

The teams in question are every team used by house Greece, with the exception of QRF1. For example:

Name:     AUTO1
Owner:    Greece
Priority: 7
Max:      0
Num:      1
WayPoint: -1

Team:     Rifle Infantry        4
                 Light Tank            3
                  Ranger                1

Orders:   0 Move to waypoint... 5
                1 Move to waypoint... 6
                2 Attack... Anything

Options:  Only autocreate AI uses this team type.

House's IQ is set to 4 and the teams have been set up the same way they are in the original missions


I've attached the mission file, could somebody take a look and tell me what I did wrong?



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There is already a team that uses the "Patrol" command, they don't work either. They stop short and don't follow their final waypoint. I don;t want them to ignore distractions because I'd like them to engage targets along their path.

Did that work for you?

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Not always. TeamTypes in RA are quite messy sometimes.

If nothing works and they still gather at topleft, make two separate houses for your enemy (goodguy one for pre-placed units which should stay at their place, greece for the attack teams) and create a trigger:

- elapsed time: 50; action: all to hunt (greece); type: constant.


and add to your map:



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