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Opinions on Sealing a soviet in 1v1

CekaJ (Jake)

Seal the soviet war factory on soviet map?  

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  1. 1. Yes or no on soviet map?

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Absolutely not if you made the seal to combat the deso say after 3-5 minutes or so into the game.

It's much more questionable when you go straight to the seal-ifv rush within 2 minutes. Then it's on par or worse then an engi-rush. Personally, I don't mind being 'lamed' tho, as I usually stop it 80% of the time or more and then it becomes an easy win.

After both teams have some units and you are using the seal to counter a deso, the seal to C4 buildings is a perfectly fine tactic as there is no reason that the soviet opponent should not be able to stop it/see it.


Good topic, btw.

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the single lamest thing to me is engineer eating. But the Chinese absolutely love it. 

the 2nd most lame thing to me is drone-in-miner but pretty much any soviet player-- good or bad-- absolutely love it

my favorite thing to do is mass rocketeers. But Ive met players who think air is lame and should never be made


Seal-ifv = 1600 credits + warning "seal ready". If you get seal'd, u fucked up / ur opponent had great multitasking. Imo its the opposite of laming -- its cool. A sentry gun kills a seal. A tesla coil kills a seal, a war miner kills a seal, a group of tanks kill a seal, a terror drone kills a seal, siege choppers kill a seal, and above all else a desolater can kill an infinite # of seals from a distance.


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Truth to waht frequenzy said.  IFVs are so much faster than everything else and a seal ifv can kill desos and drones easy.  your best bet is to use tanks/sentries to defend from it.  I guess if you know your opponent is a lamer, don't make too many miners and wall mcv if u don't need to move it?

I consider that move lame, but i think the whole lame/not lame argument gets too subjective sometimes.

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1 minute ago, Lucifer said:

cuz u play vs afk opponents ! Play vs opponents who simply press "d" when the ifv comes anywhere nearby and it explodes. 

that is not true.  we can test that right now and u'll see the deso will die and ifv will live 

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The difference between engi rushing and seal rushing is that a seal requires AFC + warfac + announcement to all players + slightly more $$$ which is important in the beginning of the game.

I welcome all opponents to seal lame me, it's almost auto-win for me as a soviet if it fails.

Of course, against the pro players with great control, any lame move is turned into a deadly weapon, but most of the competition can't control multi-attacks to make it devastating :p.  Justin is one fucker that comes to mind who does have the control and multiple attacks to make a seal-rush deadly. Combine the seal ifv with rockies / grizz / para and it's almost impossible to stop on a large map with base spread out.

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8 hours ago, Marsh said:

player preference, I personally tend not to seal or engi to win a game

if the game is already over and I'm dead in the water I will just to do it. but at that point it would not win me the game anyways

But on dune and you're allied you're most likely gonna lose before the game even started

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7 hours ago, CekaJ (Jake) said:

No the use of the seal ifv is to kill deso because i cant use air cuz the deso is sitting under a flak cannon.

Okay, but I did a few 1v1s with you on Dune Patrol before and you attempted to rush a seal ifv over to my base for most of those games, and then said afterwards that it's because allies has no chance there lols. But you picked the map and the team.... =]


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2 hours ago, FReQuEnZy said:

Then why complain about it?

I never complained about him trying to seal me, so your question makes no sense. I pointed out that he's complaining about being allies on dune patrol when he picks allies and picks dune patrol. Don't come at me with stupid fkin questions kid

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