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How do I change a unit's display name?


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Hey, I got a question; how do you change a unit's display name? I know it can be done, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how. To clarify, I don't want to create a new unit necessarily, I just want to rename an existing unit. Like, you know how in the first Fall of Greece mission, you're controlling Stavros and if you actually let the cursor linger on him for a little bit, you actually get a little tab reading "Stavros". That's what I want to do. Anyone have any idea how it's done?

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If the game is RA1 there two different ways to do this:

1) By editing RULES.ini -> which eventually crashes the game

2) By editing conquer.eng with suitable editor -> this does not crash and it's better way.


Fall of Greece -mission Stavros has created very simply way: The mission file itself is a scg**ea.ini (** is because i does not remember the correct number value) and there its being put under the tag of [GNRL]. So opening the INI file and you may find this kind of value:



Name= Stavros


Hopefully this helps :cncsmirk:

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