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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


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Hello Commanders!

Some people possibly know me from around 2010-ish when I first worked on CnCNet 2 and it has been a long ride up 'till today. I haven't been very active after CnCNet 5 was released and it has been *years* since that came to fruition and I'm really happy how things have turned out without my involvement.

So it has finally come a time when I can't support this project anymore and it has become a burden that I do not want to carry. I get support requests by players that I feel like I can't handle anymore as I don't have anything to do with the daily operations. The day-to-day tasks are well handled by the staff but my name has been on the domain names and server hosting for over 7 years and my PayPal account has been where the donations have come to. I don't feel that I should be managing these assets as I have other priorities in my life now.

We're currently in-progress to move the "ownership" of everything to @Tore who has been involved in CnC-Comm long before I was part of this community and I have 100% confidence he is the right person to continue running everything.

Please do not donate to the old address anymore. It's still up but currently I can't take it down and PayPal is kind of annoying you can't deny people from sending you money. All (very gracious!) previous donations will be used directly for the expenses of CnCNet as promised but with the current rate of things it should cover the rest of the year. CnCNet is truly made by the players as it would not have been possible to pay for everything without the support of you all!

This change of ownership will not affect any player facing services and everything will continue to run like before.

Big props to the original CnCNet developers, Irony and Myg for creating the service and letting me mess with their project. Much thanks to the current team for continuing and perfecting the service into something I would have never imagined. And lastly, you, the players, are the reason everyone have worked so hard to provide the best online experience for classic Command & Conquer games.

I hope the service I helped build will stay up and serve the players for another decade!

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Wow dude, just logged in to see this.

I'm the original "White" if you remember me. I've been around here, using CnCNet since it first came out. I remember finding it and being so happy to be able to reconnect with players again, as the old WWchat system had gone down.

Well, what can I say? Thank you so much for all the work that's gone in. I agree that it's really cool to see this thing become as big as it has. Do you ever realise that you pretty much saved C&C? Well there it is, anyway.
Sad to see you go, maybe you can pop on sometime and have a chat when you're free. I'm always happy to talk about this game and where it's come, but I can understand you wanting to push away from the responsibilities of the project by this time. Sounds like it's been a pretty natural transition anyway, and that this post is more of a formality than any real change to the working systems of the current CnCNet team.

All the best in your future endeavours.

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Figured you felt this way. I have no words man, pleasure having you look over things for soo long, you have done an awsome job.

I hope your new endavours are fruitful and productive.

Dont think anything I can say can sum things up.


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Sad to see you go but I wish you great luck with whatever you move on to. I hope to see you hang around the forums and don't forget to write me if you want to play more Poly with me!

We're grateful for your work and everyone else building and upgrading cncnet! :)

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New to the forum scenario but well acquainted to the franchise and recently this place's Discord server.

For the past months I've heard about this place I've never got around to figure who were the ones behind the scenes, and now that I did in such circumstances, it's sad to see that you're moving on. However, at the same time it reminds us that nothing is set in stone, and while it is sad that you are going, you have left quite a mark on this place. I am very appreciative of your gesture on the development and maintenance of the whole ordeal, and I believe I speak for those that use it frequently that we trust in your decision on handing it over to a new administration.

Been mostly supporting through word of mouth given current impossibility to do so monetarily, However, you have my thanks for providing such a mean of entertainment to the public.

Best of luck on your future endeavors, Hifi.

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Just a little note.

I've really enjoyed the time we've worked other over the years. Wayback when, where I first started to help with CnCNet, you were always supportive of the ideas I proposed, and honest when they weren't all that or possible. You provided the freedom for me to learn and develop those ideas, and with that CnCNet has not only become a fantastic side project for me personally, but also an amazing talking point in job interviews.  

It's always been a fun place to be where sometimes you just wanna chat and hangout with each other, but also a place to learn and progress yourself. I've learnt that being here apart of this team, we do have each others backs (if not eventually). 

If you ever need anything, just know we've always got your back no matter what, so don't be a stranger.
If you're ever in UK just remember you have a place to stay, just give me a bit of notice to stock the fridge with some diet cokes!

Thanks for everything hifi.

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  • 1 year later...

I have never seen this person before, and it's almost 2 years ago now, but it was still very sad to read. Or perhaps "still" is the wrong way to put it.

I "just" joined, and this feels like I missed the party, or at least the cosy pre-party, and now people are moving on to the club, while some call it quits a
Or that the party has transformed from a half-private party to a small club, to become less rough, cosy and bare-bones and more polished, open and anonymous and possibly kinda empty feeling.

The whole coming together and rejoice period is over, and now it's more business as usual, with some of the ones who has put their soul into this and carried the project leaving for new endeavours. Now it's all done and just there, readily accessible but a little less charming.

The whole work-in-progress-thing is enchanting. Now the "product" is done and the craftsmen are gone, and so goes the excitement. It's a bit commonplace now.

I didn't know how to exactly put words on what I'm feeling, but I hope you kinda get what I'm going for.
It's kinda touching to see a sort of milestone like this and sad to see passion and volunteer work go away, even though the work itself is left and alive.

Also a new era is emerging with the remasters, and I just got a glimpse of the old desert wandering era, which already feels a bit retro and charming in hindsight.

I haven't been part of CnCNet in any way. But C&C's darkest hours and the following grief, recollection, gathering, revival and life support of what was left have always lured in my mind.

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