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Some games don't conncet



Hi guys, hoping you can help me out here.

For some reason, some games rooms won't let me connect to the others in the room showing NA for all players in the room.  I can still chat in these rooms but will ping NA to all. Seems that restarting the CNCnet client sometimes helps with this, sometimes doesn't.  I've checked all my UPnP settings and even setup the rule in my router.  Doesn't seem to have an effect.  Also seems like its only when certain players are hosting the room that the problem occurs.  Other times, connections work no prob.

If I had to guess, it's got to be a problem with the port not opening correctly for given rooms (perhaps it's trying to open the connections on something other than the regular port?).   I'm a bit at a loss - if there were logs I could go over to see why the connections are failing in certain circumstances I'd likely be able to find the fix.    I am pretty technically handy (work as a technical project manager as my day job).  

My setup is this:

Alienware R7 i5 8400 w/ 1080 Ti, windows 10 home, Killer E2500 Gigabit networking adapter.  Windows firewall is off.  

I am on a hardwired 1gpbs Google Webpass connection with a google wifi router.  I never had this problem on my laptop (before I got my desktop), so I'm thinking it's either some crapware dell has on my comp, a permissions issue with UPnP or the killer networking adapter software/firmware itself.   


If I run the CNCnet_UPnP exe in the CNCnet folder, the cmd window says "failed to open ports" so further fuel to my idea that this issue is UPnP/permissions related.  



1) anywhere I can check the specific connection logs for rooms?

2) any ideas on the UPnP configurations that I can tinker with? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this problem is keeping me out of some really good games.




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So it fails to connect to all players in the room, are you sure about that?

If it fails to connect to a few players only then it might be a problem with either peer-to-peer or server connections. You could try to change your game port and see if that helps, Settings->CnCNet->Game Settings->Game Port (just raise the number by 1)



UPnP is not really needed anymore, it's just a leftover from 2 years ago where a functional peer-to-peer connection was a must. Nowadays there is no more need for port forwarding and if the peer-to-peer connection fails it will automatically use a server (That means you don't have to change any settings at all, it should always work)


If changing the port didn't help then you could try to disable peer-to-peer connections completely and see if it makes a difference, type the following command to do so:



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Thanks for the reply.  


Yes, quite certain.  I can chat in the room but I am NA to all players in the room.  Restarting CNCnet seems to help, but not every time (it's also tough to track, as I can't always get back into the same room).  Usually, I can just go to a different room and works just fine (though not all rooms are created equal :P).  


It's also worth pointing out that I can tell immediately if I'm going to connect by hovering over player names, which should prompt the connection tooltip to appear. If the tooltip appears, I am good to go.  If the tooltip does not appear, I will be NA to all (and it won't connect no matter how long we wait). Probably only happens 10% of the time, if that. 


I will try to grab some screenies next time it happens. Is there anything else I should try to capture in hunting this issue down?  It seems sporadic, and  it happens with players who I am otherwise able to successfully play with. 


I will also try the /nop2p - does this setting reset each time I launch CNCnet or would I have to toggle back on if it doesn't do the trick?





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I guess it seems to fail silently to bind the udpclient to the game port when you join a game, not sure what to do about that since there is a lot error checking already. Will have to google a bit and see if i can find some info related to your hardware. I assume that the /nop2p will not help at all in this case. It will save the setting, you don't have to type it all the time.

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