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Fresh builds and unable to LAN game


Hi thought I would get my kits in to C&C and bought two fresh copies from CD Keys. Installed it on two fresh built Win10 boxes.

Install via the Original app, then installed the ddrwapper fix then the cncnet front end. 

Connecting to each other I see "the game host has sent an invalid game options message. this usually means that the game host has a different game version than you"

When I launch the LAN game it fires up then I get a Reconnection error.


Any thoughts? Pretty IT literate and comfortable editing .cfg s etc.












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Make sure both players are using the same version. Let the cncnet client update itself to the latest version. If it doesn't update then delete the file called "version" in the game directory and restart the client.

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Thanks dkeeton, difference though other than the CNC client showing n/a for version and "An update is available" in the bottom line. Does not try to update though despite it be optioned on.

Both builds were identically done side by side. CNCclient updated itself when I first installed it on the machines

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Thanks that fixed it. Needed to restart the game twice for the auto updater to kick in but it did then it updated and worked. Thank you very much for you time.

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