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Yuri's Revenge Internal Error Crash During custom game




I am trying to play custom maps on Yuri's Revenge Online but everytime at around the same time in game it crashes.

An example of a map I have tried https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRTM1tABbH8&t=564s

I have a fresh install of RA2/YR from Origins then installed CNC net so there shouldn't be any outliers. It had kept crashing on the default settings of TS-DDRAW renderer and I have fiddled around until it works with specifically small resolutions and rendered on GDI. I have played with a few friends in custom maps like these and they worked for a day, it did not crash. However next day, no settings changed, the game crashes exactly the same way again even though no settings have changed (origins auto update/repair has been disabled from cloud)
The error it gives inside the EXCEPT_CNCNET.txt is always the same with the error occuring at the same memory address.

Playing on normal maps (not custom) works fine.

Any help would be appreciated,



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No, not a saved game. I was trying to play a custom map in CnC online with Yuri's revenge with friends. A few minutes after the game starts, it internal errors. The time period is always the same and will be reached faster if set to 60fps.

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I'm not sure what you mean by red alert 2 and regular mode, but this is from CnC yuri's revenge online in a custom game. I have reinstalled my red alert 2/YR from origin fresh installed + reinstalled cnc net multiple times no luck :( Can you clarify what you mean by version file?

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