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    Hi, What anti virus do you use? So far Microsoft's Windows Defender has gotten a false positive on cncnet5.exe. This issue has been solved by Microsoft: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/submission/325839f1-6b94-4b46-acc4-d2832a80cdaf
  2. What anti virus do you use? A recent update to CnCNet caused a few false positives in anti virus programs. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3fbef906e35315d52d26875155122468b5cdfee36d92b9b96396c0b14fa26f9a/detection Microsoft has already corrected their false positive: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/submission/325839f1-6b94-4b46-acc4-d2832a80cdaf
  3. Some anti viruses are putting CnCNet5.exe in quarantine right now due to false positives. Check your anti virus quarantine section and allow it.
  4. Seems like there are some false positives with a recent update of cncnet5.exe. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3fbef906e35315d52d26875155122468b5cdfee36d92b9b96396c0b14fa26f9a/detection I've submitted the cncnet5.exe to Microsoft for analysis so far.
  5. Hello everyone. The forums are now able to send Emails again. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. In the future If you have any issues related to logging in on the forums or Emails not sending please contact us on our Discord channel.
  6. Hey Have you tried using cnc-ddraw? Download latest release: https://github.com/CnCNet/cnc-ddraw/releases Extract into RA2/YR folder Disable any compatibility modes. If I remember correctly the resolution limit of YR is around 3000x3000.
  7. Tore

    how do i play online?

    Hi, are you starting the CnCNet client? You require it to use CnCNet features.
  8. Locked. Already answered in here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9482-buddy-keeps-getting-g-line-banned/
  9. Sorry to hear that, but the GameSurge g-line appeal tool is the only way to deal with them. Maybe there is an issue with your friends network or ISP that keeps triggering g-lines. You can try the general support form and asking what may trigger g-lines, but this will not help with getting an actual g-line solved.
  10. No, but I'm sure it is possible to emulate the console versions and play those with a controller.
  11. Tore

    I need help !

    Maybe try redownloading?
  12. It is a really weird problem that has recently started happening. Game refuses to launch on install, but a reboot fixes it. It's almost like modern Windows wants to pretend it is Win95/Win98 Glad the reboot fixed it!
  13. No error messages or anything? Have you tried rebooting?
  14. That's odd. TSpatch should've fixed it. Can you elaborate more on Funky's launcher not launching the game? The game doesn't start at all?
  15. LAN mode on C&C DOS/Win95 and RA DOS/Win95 works just fine. Since you are using Pentium II and III machines I assume you are using Win98 and original CD's so you just need to install the IPX protocol. Do note that RA version 1.08 LAN support is quite buggy, so I recommend either 1.04 (version on CD) or 3.03.
  16. Tore

    Install and play

    Hi. Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge is available on Origin as part of "Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection".
  17. That's weird. Have you tried reinstalling the YR client?
  18. There can be multiple reasons for this. - You are not running the latest version of YR (This only applies if you have installed RA2 and YR from the original 3 CD's) - You have some modded files in your folder - Some sort of bug in the client?
  19. What link? What game are you trying to play?
  20. @Chimas Yes. I can say that I am part of it. Don't get your hopes up for any special behind the scenes news as we are all under NDA. It is still early days. I don't know much much sway the words of the council members have, but I will do my best to represent the C&C1 and RA1 communities. I have already been in contact with some of the best C&C1 players to hear their thoughts and I plan do to the same with some of the best RA1 players. Please continue providing feedback. It is important that EA and Petroglyph hears what is the communities wishes are.
  21. Check the answer by @FunkyFr3sh in your other topic.
  22. There should be a setting in either the Nvidia control panel or the Intel control panel.
  23. G-line is a global ban set by GameSurge. No worries though as this usually means that IP's in your range have been banned due to a previous spambot attack. If that is the case GameSurge will usually whitelist your IP and unban you pretty quickly.
  24. Hi there. Seems like you have been g-lined. Check out this link: https://gamesurge.net/utils/gline/ and follow GameSurge's process on removing g-lines.
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