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  1. The A10 is in mp, you just need to enable crates.
  2. C&C1 originally has temperate, desert and winter (looks like temperate, but has snowy bits here and there)
  3. The default TUC exe's do not respond to command line parameters.
  4. Why not just use @FunkyFr3sh's installer? https://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/
  5. Once the CnCNet theme has been updated to work with this version of IPB avatars will be back to squares :)
  6. That would be a part of (the former?) Renegade Projects, not PPM.But there have been great contributions from certain PPM people like Rampastring who made the majority of the YR client. Ares itself hasn't been much of a influence especially seeing that CnCNet5 was initially incompatible with it until a CnCNet5 DLL could be made. Next update all avatars are gonna be oval.
  7. That's rather circular. I was looking for what PPM has enabled in CnCNet, looking for your opinion on that By using the best browser known to man: Lynx
  8. Not quite sure what you are getting at here. Next CnCNet theme: monochrome, alternatives: green phosphor or white phosphor. Text mode only
  9. Maybe it needs some sort of flag or similar to make Windows desktop compositing stay away? It might be handling it as a simple desktop app right now. I have a similar issue with cnc-ddraw and ts-ddraw. Maybe WinXP compatibility mode or something can help for the time being.
  10. So second rate CnCNet originated there. Also C&C95 theme was beautiful
  11. Yes, it includes covert ops. As for the game crashing you probably need to download and extract this in your C&C95 folder: http://downloads.cncnet.org/addons/td-config.7z In addition check if some sort of compatibility mode is enabled on C&C95.exe and disable it.
  12. Tore


    Hi, This topic is not locked and is visible to anyone. You must have checked when you were still in the validation phase. All posts by new members are held for review to prevent spambots and such. The Strike-Team forums merged with XWIS itself and is now the XWIS support forums. CnCNet has nothing to do with XWIS.
  13. Hi, What "Origin Fix" did you download? And have you tried reinstalling Origin?
  14. Tore


    Hi, sorry, but you cannot play RA2 on a phone.
  15. Merged with your other topic. Does the campaign work if you rename "rules.ini" to something else like "rules2.ini"? PS: It is generally better to manually modify a rules.ini file manually with a text editor like Notepad than using TibEd as TibEd adds a bunch of unneeded or sometimes invalid options to rules entries potentially causing issues.
  16. Tore

    Tiberian Dawn Help

    Try setting your Windows scaling to 100% or disable scaling for only TS. Both are described in my post above.
  17. Tore

    Tiberian Dawn Help

    That could be a high DPI issue. Try this: right click on game.exe (in the folder you installed TS) click on "Properties" then on the "Compatibility" tab and check "Disable DPI scaling" (If you got latest Win10: check it and set it to "Application") Alternatively you can you can disable this scaling for your entire system (and probably make the text tiny in all your applications) by right clicking on the desktop clicking on "display settings" scrolling down to "Scale and layout" and set "Change the size of text, apps and other items" to 100%.
  18. Have you tried hosting a game using a different connection method? There are two methods currently: P2P and Automatic.
  19. Hey, have you installed Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge before you tried to install the CnCNet client for Yuri's Revenge?
  20. That's weird, have you tried it again? Maybe there was a small connection hiccup somewhere?
  21. Uh, guess I'm blind then. I didn't notice the tag
  22. Which game are you referring to? Anyhow if you manage to get the games running on your Mac using a compatibility layer like PlayOnMac or Crossover you will be able to play against people on Windows. Some of the downloads here do provide a Mac version wrapped in such a compatibility layer already that might work, but I don't know as I don't have a Mac myself.
  23. IIRC the CnCNet client for C&C1, RA1, Dune2k and TS requires dotnet framework 2.0 try installing that first. It is the last version that was released for Win98. Otherwise you need at least XP.
  24. The reason why CnCNet doesn't have a built in random map generator is simply because no one has had an interest high enough to create one. Not to mention having to figure out how the map generators work.
  25. As @Plokite_Wolf said Dune Legacy is not Dune II. A OpenDune or Dune Dynasty with multiplayer support would've been interesting though.
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