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RA Quickmatch client fps drops


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I was just wondering but is this an issue that is on the team's radar?


If you take my name Bane_ for example on this month's RA ladder, there is a total mix of average fps for my games (as low as 43 fps even...). By way of comparison, if I'm playing normally on CnCNet I can quite happily be in 8 player games with it running at full speed without any issues at all. Multiple other people suffer from the same issue if you go checking through the names so I'm not sure what's up really.


It isn't lag but when a game decides it's going to average more around say 40-50 fps, you experience it as a periodic hitching all the way through the match (right from the word go so it doesn't worsen as more and more units and structures are built) and it leads to a pretty unpleasant game as it messes around with your build timings and Q and so on in what should be a fast-paced game.


Is there any obvious culprit that could be causing dropped frames like that? Restarts don't seem to help, neither does running the quickmatch client directly with CnCNet closed and as few other programs open as possible.

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Hey Funky,

Ive got the same problem, just as more players. I had a couple days ago some matches vs Croboys and Blitz, and it whas laggy all the way, from start to finish. My avarage fps is 60, and ive got the p2p option on. 

Yesterday ive played 8 matches or so, and all the same thing, lagy from start, butt when /afps in lobby , 60.

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