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Favorite & Leat Favorite Unit

Lightning Hunter

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I'm sure a topic like this has been created at some point or another, but I'm just curious what unit everyone likes the most, and which one they like the least.  I've been playing C&C95 since it came out, but never played much multiplayer.  As such, I am going by which unit I like/dislike for Single Player only.


Favorite Unit:  I really enjoy using the flame tank for NOD.  It may not be the most powerful unit in the game, but it certainly looks cool, and has plenty of uses.  The strategy I often employ in the official NOD missions is to build a small army of light tanks and flame tanks.  The flame tanks can take care of all the infantry and most structures, while the light tanks can take care of any enemy vehicles. Flame tanks are much more effective when controlled individually (it's amazing how much damage only one of them can do, as long as you defend it with light tanks).  My favorite strategy while attacking a GDI base is to send a flame tank up against each enemy tower, then rush in the light tanks behind them to finish the job.  Works every time.


The runner-up for favorite unit would of course be the Commando. The commando arguably has more uses than a flame tank, but I just love burning down an army of guys more than I do sniping them.  :P



Least Favorite Unit:  The Artillery for NOD.  Seriously, they are just way too slow, and have the weakest armor of any vehicle. They are only good for defending a base, but only at the start of a Mission. They can attack if used correctly, but why bother when you can just rush an enemy base with flame tanks and do the job twice as fast? The MLRS for GDI is far better than the Artillery in every way.


I guess the runner-up for least favorite unit would be the Apache Helicopter, although it does not get much use at all during the official C&C missions (or else it might be the least favorite on this list).  The Apache just isn't at all good at taking out enemy vehicles or structures, which makes it almost useless (especially late in the game).

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hmmm... hard to separate my SP and MP experiences.  And I wouldn't say there are any units I don't like-- it seems every one has a purpose.  Don't need a comm center for artillery! heh heh... let's see... as for Nod I'd have to say I have an inexplicable affection for the light tank.  I think Apaches kick ass and they're excellent for killing buildings.  I think the lack of them in the SP missions made me like them even more, though.  I actually like the artillery.  For almost 1/2 the cost of a flame tank and like 5 times the range?  Of course don't even let an enemy technician near it... lol.  And ALWAYS force fire those suckers! Don't get me wrong, anything that shoots fire in this game is awesome! As for GDI, Mammy's and grenadiers.... all the way.  Orcas look cool, but in the end I think they're a little ineffective.  I guess the only thing to me that sucks in the game are SAM sites.  I just wish they had a higher rate of fire or something. 

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I should probably clarify that my post was not just about which unit is the most useful.  I think the flame tank is cool looking, fun to use, and can win missions often.  I know the Artillery has its uses, but it just takes so long to get anywhere.  I can usually beat a mission in half the time without Artillery. :P

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I'm assuming we're mostly going effectiveness.


Yeah, you use what I used to use in SP. It's pretty different in mutiplayer, as you have tech tiers (Barracks/HoN, WF/Strip, comm center, AdvComm/Temple), where as, in single player, it's more about what the level will LET you build. Cost and time don't matter so much in SP, either, just defend well and then you can build whatever you like.

Also, in SP, you know what you're going up against, in MP, it's whatever your opponent builds.


Most powerful unit in use? Probably the Recon Bike, it's super fast, not too expensive and packs a punch... does AA, too.

The unit I think is the coolest? I think Stealth Tank. It looks cool and is fun to play around with.


Most useless unit? Probably Chem Warrior, for SP I guess artillery.

Chem warrior is basically an expensive flamer, who needs a temple to build and can walk in tiberium.

The unit I think is just the most boring/silly? Technician, maybe? I mean, they're funny, but it would have been nice if they made them do SOMETHING, rather than just a thing to move around.



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I got some moderate use out of arty in SP. But flame tank spamming and brute force was really handy later on.


My favourite MP units? Any 4 of Medium tanks, grens, Arty and Light tanks. Unfortunately neither arty nor light tanks are particularly helpful in Nod vs GDI. (theyre kickass in Nod vs Nod though :D )


Chem Warriors have limited use but on the more popular MP maps like injustice for all I got some seriously good use out of them (again, against other Nod players). Their damage vs Armour is stronger than that of the flamer, which means they also wreck bikes even faster :D

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Favourite: the Mobile HQ.


Least favourite: the SSM. Those things are sooo annoying to defend against.


Favorite: AtomicDn

Least Favorite: AtomicUp

If this were Dune II, you'd have a case, but in C&C1, those are projectiles, not units  :P

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I've never even thought about having a favourite unit, but I can say I'm pretty partial to orcas, both as a concept and as a very dangerous unit if used right.


On the other side of the spectrum, harvesters are so retarded you can't even hate them properly. You just do a silent facepalm and move on.

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Favorite:Stealth tanks....they're sneaky,fun to use,like the cloaking/decloaking sound,ambush,covert ops unit,scout,vulnerable building killer,distraction/diversions....these things do everything as long as it doesn't involve fighting a unit/base defense that can attack it.

Least:Technician,sold my barracks hoping a minigunner would kill the engineer who nearly captured it but a  technicians pop out instead and they let the engineer slip into another building!

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Favourite: Nod flame tank, probably. It's good against infantry and building, decent against everything else, looks like some sort of giant fire-spitting maggot (that's a plus in my book) and it's just some much fun burning down building with a flame tank.


Least favourite: As per OP, Nod artillery. Their price is good and they do decent damage against everything, but they are so fragile and so sloooooow. Unless you micromanage artillery, it always seems to move too close to the target, and unless you go up against a construction yard, it misses 75% of the time.

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Some well placed arty has been the difference in some of my Nod vs Nod MP games. Its very useful when placed correctly :D


I'm sure Artillery has uses in MP, but in Single Player, I rarely ever find uses for them.  Unless a mission starts me out with them, I prefer building Flame Tanks.  There might be some custom user-made SP missions that have uses with Artillery, but I have yet to find one...  Artillery are so slow and weak, it's easy to neglect them for about a split second during a battle - which is all the time the AI needs to wipe them all out.  Also, their terrible accuracy can easily wipe out some of your own infantry if you get distracted and fail to notice them auto-targeting something nearby.

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The mission use for arty is to surprise you from the cliff above your CY, basically. Otherwise, besides the orcas I already mentioned, both the flame tank and stealth tank are cool concepts. The commando is awesome too, his one-liners provide a big chunk of the otherwise very sparse and very dark humour in C&C (other borderline funny things include Moebius and Burdette, Seth's brains and people screaming as they're being burned alive).

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Looking at the internal stats...


TD Flame Thrower

Cost 200  Speed 10  Weapon: Dam 35 ROF 50 (faster)

Fire warhead (8 Spread, 87.5% vs infantry, 100% vs wood, 68.75% vs light, 25% vs heavy, 50% vs concrete but don't think you can target it)

Chem Warrior

Cost 300  Speed 8  Weapon: Dam 80 ROF 70

HE warhard (6 Spread, 87.5% vs infantry, 75% vs wood, 56.25% vs light, 25% vs heavy, 100% vs concrete)


Both have 70 hit points and a range of 2


After applying warhead % to Damage (neglecting spread):

Flamer 30.6 to inf, 35 to wood, 24.06 to light, 8.75 to heavy

Chem 70 to inf, 60 to wood, 45 to light, 20 to heavy, 80 to walls

But Chem costs 50% more, moves 80% of speed, and shoots slower.


So depends what purpose you have in mind which is better.


Costwise you get 3 flamers for every 2 chemwarriors.

Flamers 91.8 to inf, 105 to wood, 72.19 to light, 26.26 to heavy

Chems  140 to inf, 120 to wood, 90 to light, 40 heavy, 160 walls

And with only two you have to worry about less crossfire than three aside from spacing them apart so when one dies he doesn't take the others with him.

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Plus you have the added bonus of them not dying on tiberium all the time.

I feel chem warriors are perfect for fighting bikes (and a very handy extra vs buggies), its just a huge nuisance that they require a temple to build them.

As the stats point out they wreck buildings with extreme efficiency.


The splash dmg on a chem warrior dying isn't zero but its fairly low (unlike the flamers of course). It's probably slightly larger than that of a gren dying.


I get a lot of use out of them on tib-heavy maps when there is still a large amount of tib lying around by the time you build a temple


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