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C&C95 Special INI Options for Nod Ion Cannon


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Hello peoples, and especially hello to Nyerguds who will most likely be able to help me with this!

I'm making a mission which involves Nod capturing an Adv. Comm. Centre and using the Ion Cannon against GDI. However, I've run into the following problem: I can't work out how to enable that superweapon for Nod. Here's what my INI files has:

Theme=No theme
Name=Eye of the Ion Storm


As you can see, I made the AVC capturable, and I removed build exceptions to give Nod access to all the good stuff, but when I capture it, nothing happens (besides it being shot by a GDI Ion Cannon, which was due to player enters -> ion cannon trickery I was trying to use to give it to Nod) Even when I capture the GDI Conyard and build my own AVC I don't get the superweapon. 

I have vague memories of there being a special INI key which enables superweapons for the other faction, if you capture/build the appropriate building, but I can't remember if this is true or my misremembering. I had a look at Nyer's patch notes for additional INI options (http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/patch106c_r3_en.html) and it shows this list:

(Note that the RemoveBuildExceptions key is not included in this list, which made me wonder if there's a more complete list of extra INI options (including one for superweapons) somewhere that I don't know about!

7.4.1. General mission options:
These are enabled by adding them in the [Basic] section of the mission ini file. Note that for boolean options (true/false), other indicators like yes/no and 1/0 can also be used.

  • CustomBuildlevel=True
  Will force the game to read and use this mission's BuildLevel setting in the campaign, even if the global CustomBuildlevel option in rules.ini isn't activated. Normally, the game always uses the mission number as buildlevel in the campaign. Note that the option is enabled by default in rules.ini.
  • TrueNames=True
  Show true names for civilians and civilian buildings
  • SeparateHelipad=True
  Build helipads without helicopters, for only $300
  • MCVUndeploy=True
  Construction yard undeploys to MCV when you sell it
  • NoBibs=True
  Disable concrete foundations under buildings
  • Patsux=True
  Laser Orcas. Special upgrade implemented for the PATSUX Playstation mission. Note that the Laser graphics can't be shown on Orcas.
  • PassiveHelis=True
  Makes AI helicopters remain on their helipad just like the player's helis. Note that this is not the same as "Sleep" mode: if you attack the helicopter it'll still retaliate.
  • NoEgoScreen=True
  Makes sure no score screen is shown after this mission.
  • RadarLogo=XXX

With this, you can override the default GDI or Nod radar logo shown in a mission. I made this option to be able to show the T-rex radar logo in the Funpark minicampaign. The value given to this option is actually the file extension for the SHP file it tries to load as radar logo (HRADAR.*). Existing ones in the game are GDI, NOD and JP (the dino logo), but the system can perfectly load custom ones added to the game by putting them in a mod mixfile. The way this is used in the Funpark minicampaign is simply "RadarLogo=JP" to load "HRADAR.JP".




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Heh. I knew the triggers were house sensitive; "Ion Cannon" means GDI gets to attack Nod with ion cannon, and "Nuclear Missile" means Nod gets to attack GDI with a nuclear missile. Honestly never tested this though. But indeed, seems you can't get the ion cannon as Nod...

Seems I indeed forgot RemoveBuildExceptions in that list. It's mentioned in the full changes list though :P

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