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YR Intro Cutscene Keeps Playing, Can't Exit


Having problems — every time I launch a skirmish or online game through C&C I get bumped to YR intro cutscene. Ca't skip it. Have watched it all the way through hoping it would fix it. No dice. Any suggestions?

CNC version

Windows 10.

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If I remember well, you can skip Yuri's Revenge intro, but you can't skip Red Alert 2 intro... And it should play just once (when you first installed the game)

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I've been doing some asm code rewriting to C for a while now fixing issues and bad code along the way, among the things i changed today fixing this issue one of them.

The intro and splash screen will now be skipped properly in the next update that comes with a updated game exe.

Edited by tomsons26

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Yeah, the interesting bit is that I thought viewing through once would solve it. No such luck. Would try through Origin launcher, but I can't even get YR or RA2 to open that way without crashing. 

Will wait for your fix, tomsons26. Fingers crossed.

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