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Using other renderer/ddwrapper



Hi, is it possible to use the ddwrapper from http://bitpatch.com/ddwrapper.html in the Yuris Revenge CNCNet Client?

Wine is working fine with it on Mac OS. All the others renderer in the client (Default, Automatic, GID and DxWnd) aren't working in my case.


Thanks in advance!

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Can you see if this version of the Automatic renderer works?

Put that in YR/Resources directory and then after that start the client and select it as the renderer.

If you still want to use ddwrapper, edit RA2MD.ini and find and change to





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Thanks for the answer!

I‘ll give it a try then!

When I set Renderer=DDWrapper in the RA2MD.ini, where to copy the .ini file then?

When I copy to the install dir, it get‘s overwritten by the cncnet client.

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