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Twisted Insurrection keeps crashing



Recently I got the latest version of Twisted Insurrection. The game is really fun but has some severe technical issues.

It keeps encountering internal errors. This happens mostly when you play third or fourth skirmish match. I haven't attempted to play online yet because of this issue.

It doesn't matter how the previous game ended, whether normally or aborted by player. Sometimes even the second match ends up with a message about encountering an internal error.

One GDI mission also causes this problem when you try to load a saved game. It has no problems if you restart the mission but save it any time and try to load that position and again the game will end up with an internal error message. Said mission is 6th or so - the one where you begin with 2 Scatterpacks and 2 Snipers and have to blow up a train bridge using an engineer.

I'm adding the latest crash logs for more info.

EXCEPT_2021_12_26_14_08.TXT EXCEPT_2021_12_26_19_03.TXT EXCEPT_2021_12_26_19_26.TXT EXCEPT_2021_12_28_21_51.TXT

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