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Game waits for players even if another player's ping is low.



Anytime i launch the game online especially YR & MO, the game waits for all players to enter, but the connection bar goes to red slowly (gradual).

EDIT: i think i know why i can't play, i tried to open valve's steam client week ago, and after that, i got something shocking, i had a message saying: "An incompatible version of HMIPCore.dll (related to HideMyIP / My Privacy Tools) has been detected inside of the Steam process."

"We suggest updating or uninstalling this software if you experience crashes or network shutdowns while running Steam or Individual games.", Maybe this has something to do with CnCNet5 too.

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- firewall allows gamemd.exe / gamemd-spawn.exe

- no ip or router modifications, checked for the ipv4 and 6, nothing changed the ip

- firewall allows all applications and their dll files too.

- HMIPCore.dll turned out to be not affecting those applications or anything to do with online games.

-So what is the problem?

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10 minutes ago, AC_0 said:

WT? is this happen in Egypt only? (i live there) if yes, i dunno what to say.

Yes this is in egypt and even now i hv other friends that r using Orange [Link Dsl] and vodafone also having the same issue it's just egypt is blocking online gaming but Te-data is the worest by far so the only option for u is to try with Vpn u can try this one but make sure if u r conncted to the U.S server to disconnct and try again till u get the EU server bcuz ur ping will get doubled with the U.S one Other than That Enjoy

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