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Question about ra.afraid.org and other mod content sites


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It seems like ra.afraid.org is down and it has been over a month? There was dozens of high quality ra1 mods, units and structures and other stuff that i might need / im interested to study them for my mod.

I wasn't able to find any other topic related on this matter, so i must ask does anyone else having a similar problems and is there any other site, where i can download RA1 mods? sprites.openra.net is also down so it won't help me.

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It works for me now. But now i have second issue: Each time i try to download a mod i get following error/warning: "This page shares non-wanted applications" -> meaning that it contains virus? I could continue and download it, but that warning makes me a bit confused. Also, when i download someting from new units / new structures folder, it download everything allright?


My anti-virus is AVG and browsers are google chrome / mozilla firefox. Once again, does anyone else have same kind of problems? :cnc3:

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