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Help With Level Editor

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Recently started using the Level Editor, which is pretty basic to use. However, I am trying to modify the player's character in singleplayer missions, but have had no success. Is there a specific way to do this? Because modding the Commando character did not help. Modding the spawn for Commando did not work too.

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    • By trunkskgb
      Call me crazy, but I am still making maps for Renegade! If you want to check them out, visit my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMh8_wvlruY-D3WFgoFP_6w/videos and go to playlists... my maps are Iron City, Backstab, and Halloween 2014. 
      You will find a ton of other videos there as well!
    • By rabidsnypr
      More info in the scriptof the video guys
    • By Gunshot08
      Hi all!
      I know that this is a terribly old game, and I see that these forums seem to be pretty strict. But I started this thread because I didn't see anything similar that answered my question, and I greatly long to play renegade. I'll start at the beginning.
      About 120 million years ago I played CNC. Then I play all the following games. When Renegade came out in 02 or somewhere around there, I played it on and off for nigh 20 years. I used to be part of the jelly community before they disappeared for whatever reason. Well now I'd like to play again and I own the original renegade and the first decade dvd but my renegade cd seems to be scratched and I don't know where my first decade dvd is (I suspect is was stolen lol :( .... 
      so here is where and why I come to you, the loyal, intelligent, steadfast cnc community. Does anyone have a solution for me?  If I have to buy a cd oline and use my own code I will... I just miss playing renegade in it's prime tbh. It's a fantastic game, and I don't even know if you guys are active or if any rene servers are active, but I long for the good ol days and I wish to enjoy this massively underrated classic. 
      If you guys could help me out with installing it on my new computer I would be ever grateful. long live Kane.
    • By QBall162
      Hello there!

      Just found out about this whole cncnet.org and downloading my C&C games to relive my nostalgia. However, I have downloaded Renegade and downloaded the RenLauncher.exe. I have my nickname and IP address set up, upon hitting launch it brings me to my EA Origin, if it's not booted up it boots up the Origin but goes no further. If I continue to boot up Renegade it brings me to the standard menu but doesn't allow me to get into any servers or anything.
      I need help. 
    • By Alikenss
      I apologize but I need it for the first part of the cac renegade game.........no renegade x
      Hello, I did not install westwood online when installing the retreat, I can not play online, please where can I register ..... thank you too much
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