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Yuri's Revenge CnCNet LAN error



Hello Gentlemen,

          After installing the Yuri's Revenge CnCNet update 4.26, I get this error when trying to create a game by LAN:


Yuri's Revenge has crashed. Error message:

The requested address is not valid in its context 127.0.01:1233

If the issue is repeatable, contact the YR staff


I did not have this problem in the past when trying to host a lan server to play with a few friends. Any ideas as how to fix this error please?


Error Log:


Thank You Gentlemen,


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7 hours ago, dkeeton said:

Open a command prompt and type in netstat -an

Well um... not quite sure what to look for in the list, but I found this:


To tell you the whole story:

I am using a multiseat software called "Aster" that with the addition of another monitor, keyboard, and mouse; turns one computer into two computers (or max of twelve). I have Three computers rigged up with this software to make a six player Lan party.

Some games (such as Yuri's Revenge) can't have both "workstations/seats" of one computer networking through one network card. I tried in the past and one seat/half would be able to host; the other would get an error saying that the port was already in use. (which it was in use by the other half that was already hosting).

So to fix this problem, I bought an some extra network cards for each computer (total of two network cards per computer) so I could assign a separate and different static ip address to each "station/seat". This fixed the "port already in use" problem for several other games.


However, for Yuri's Revenge I now get this new error as I posted earlier. It can't be caused by the "both halves trying to talk through one port" problem that I had before, because each halve has it's own separate network card now.


any thoughts please

thank you Gentlemen,



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