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How can I download Yuri?


I have the original game and I do not know how to play

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@Grant Weird, here isn't "Yuri's Revenge" for downloads from forum page.

@joanClick on Red Alert 2 insted, there is the same page as for Yuri.


@Grant Main page menu is ok though.



Make a reminder for yourself and others, who responcible for website updates to update both menus.

Or make this menu in a single file. Or somethining... to prevent this misteke in future.

Thanks in advance.


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I cannot download. What do you think should i do? i have de original game in cd and i dont know how to install them.

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    • By Ra2yrlover
      hi all
      Im trying to run red alert 2 on windows ten have tried compatibility mode as it was previously used on windows xp service pack 1 - have used it on wndows ten last year it was fine but updated the laptop via windows update and since then nothing seems to work - just now it came up WARNING MILITARY SOFTWARE DETECTED TOP SECRTET CLEARANCE REQUIRED i was liked yeaaaa its working but i was disappointed as the window that followed said it needs to be installed on the hard drive ive even been on here to attempt to download via cncnet - damn frustrating - it worked on my old windows 7 laptop but that keeps over heating so that's going soon but the brief play i got was awesome sorry people ive not played this game since 2001 !!!
      any advice guidance or help appreciated. - please no horrible comments such as the one i got from some turd in USA that said i need to shoot myself for even asking about this game as it "a heap of crap and should never have been developed..."
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      So I installed the installer and this message pops up everytime I try to open the launcher. I have reinstalled it and it launches the Launcher but I cant save my settings either for some reason. it keeps saying "Cant access the path "D:\Westwood\RA2\ddraw.dll". I thought it was a Read-Only issue. So, I removed read-only from all the files but still it isnt working. Any help?

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      Hi. Me and my friends like to play red alert 2 yuris revenge online and we like to play long games. So we were playing it a few days ago. there was no problem. And our games lasts almost 2 hour. But for a few days we started getting reconnection errors and it ends the game. It does not happen beggining of the game. It is happening almost end of the game like 1 hour later. I wanna know your opinions. what might cause this kind of error? Is it a common issue on cncnet or is it just us?
    • By Grant
      We're hearing you loud and clear and are looking into the problem. Please be patient as we try and rectify this for you all!
      Will try and keep this thread updated with the latest.
      Meanwhile: Exact steps you are taking to the crash would be really helpful!
    • By YakGoMad
      i have download yr's revenge for multiplay from XWIS, then i downloaded CnCNet5_YR_Installer
      after installing it works fine but when i open CnCNet it ask me for 6.1 update (9mb) after i click yes and the update is downloaded game automatically closed and then doesn't open again, CnCNet is no longer working.
      i go to the folder try to lunch CnCNetYRLauncher but nothing happen, no error message, no anything it just doesn't launch
      i have tried to uninstall and re download many times, and the same it works fine till i press yes to the update.
      i have Win 7, 16 GB Ram with Core
      How can i fix this ?
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